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Name: Leafsong
Location: Santa Cruz, California
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Tue, 06 Aug 2013


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I'm not looking for labels or anything in particular to identify with. I think magic, like spirituality or any sort of unique presence and force is built upon a personal connection, and with it comes personal and unique flavor. I enjoy the beauty of a coven or circle, and for me particularly, it would be a grove. It's a wonder and enchantment just to see a common pursuit bring so many different people together-- but I'm not all that hungry for dogmatic regimen or hierarchy. I do value teachers and I feel we all dance between playing the teacher and forever remaining a student in some form.

If I were pressed to be specific, I would say Druidry has inspired me the most. I am fascinated by the ancient lore and remnants of the Celtic/Gaul/Britannic culture. But I don't necessarily insist that age is a qualifier for validity. Wisdom, whether it be 3000 or 30 years old is only as useful as its application allows in the NOW. I am probably more of a Revivalist than a Re-constructionist when it comes to my approach of Spirit, Mystery, and The Sacred. I was deeply driven by science for a long time-- but my science is nature, so I often found myself surrounded by plants, animals, forests, deserts, jungle as well, and the more I threw myself into my study the more I felt something keenly missing. I had to visit and eventually live with a tribe in Bali to see up close how a people live with magic in every aspect of their life. It was so touching it finally gave me license to stop calling my love for faery (elves especially), and those mythic beings of the pantheon I claim heritage to my 'fantasy and day dreams' and begin to treat them as living myth; alive, real, and full of purpose. I don't need proof or verification--- I just need to make sure that whatever I believe gives me the ability to bring beauty and function into this world. Something that works, and is of use to people, to all life-- that is 'my magic.'

In a list, I would say I have love for...

Poetics, Elves, The Biome, perma-culture design, helping to build the village of life and restore the old Elfhames, midnight revels, dusk till dawn dance, earth sacrament, self-education, neo-tribalism, and did I say elves? Elven Beauty, Seelie, House of Nobles, Court of The Sidhe, Elven Spirit and Magic, Emerald Stewardship, Merging with The Tree, Faerie Rings, Magic Mushrooms, Stardust, Peace, Feeling Easy, Breathing Dreams, Apples and Oaks, Lavender, Avalanches, Acorns and Psychedelia, Healing, Intricate isolation's with the arms and legs while dancing, the art of bodies that fit well together in motion, fire dancing, the vines of any plant, dark eyes, color changing eyes, or eyes that are extremely bright, freckles in funny places, reading aloud, getting into character and the dramatics of speaking, touching noses with strangers and friends, violins, harp, koto, amzad, chello, and strings that speak, elegant beings, earthy beings, passionate beings, stormy beings, charismatic beings, other-worldly beings, beings of all the different kinds of beauty, human beings, earth: the village, the green man and the living all-mother, the free and wild ones, revolutionary spirits, salamanders and fire and volcanoes, unexplained eruptions and the passion of a baelfire, a pyre, a torch, candle flicker, or dynamite in the eyes, the Djinn, Finvarra and the Sidhe, green hills, moss, lichen, ichor, clovers, and tiny flowers, pan, wine, the way music sounds when I vibrate through emerald folds, devotion to our mothers, and forgiveness for our fathers, space, free, drifting in and out of elvish dreams, faeries falling through the trees, Gaia Love, ethics, ideas, direct action, assimilation into the green, learning about pantheism, the advocacy and celebration of a good life, merging for change, dance and ecstasy, sound and faith, passion, quintessential love, the ephemeral din, satyrs, serotonin, earthly paradise and celestial joy.

I try to keep it simple...

"Simplicity is the refuge of the complex." - Oscar Wilde


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