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Name: Jody0911
Location: Hockessin DE
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Mon, 11 Feb 2013

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I love to garden. My favorite is Vines. last year i grew 17 different breeds, this year i have about ten new to add. currently designing an indoor grow area to help control my plants better. very intrested in growing a natural witches garden, and a genuine moon garden. I am 24, i have a son named Paul whom is 5, and a baby on the way. Bill is my significant other, i love him dearly. i am a virgo, libra leo asc. i do horoscopes, ( can do the chart and read but not in deapth,) and i have a Thoth deck i have owned for nigh on ten years, but have only just started using it this past six months. i have odd instincts about tarot spreads, and i find myself doing cleaning spells and small rituals that upon later research i find are established, though i didnt know that when i did it. i am new to all of this and am looking for a teacher. i have strict morals, and i harm none, and am not intrested in ANYTHING EVIL OR DARK. i truly believe that people ARE GOOD.yet they tend to lash out and make brash decisons to hurt people because they themselves are wounded.

I am Christian, i do believe that christ saved mankind by shedding his blood. However, i am at odds with what is called taboo by many denominations. i go with what is in my gut. if its vile i shun it, if i feel nervous i wont go there, wether from fear or from my beliefs i do not yet know. i know who i am but not what i am capable of. i love to laugh, i love music, all sorts, i do yoga and meditate, and am a very idealistic person. my house eas formerly a convent, and is totally haunted lol. i am a horrible speller, formerly horrible counter, but working at a gas station has fixed that. i am signed to an acting and modeling agency in new york, though i have slacked off recently. i have suffered shattering losses and had wonderful triumphs, and i am always, always, looking for a new friend to talk about the billions of things im interested in. I am faithful to my guy though, so no sexual advances please, sorry. and i do not like anything vulgar or profane. thank you all again for listening to me blabber on. may whomever you worship bless you for prosperity!


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