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Name: Jakethesnake
Birthday: Dec 23 1994
Location: USA
Gender: Male
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I'm Jake from the US. I'm 18 years old and have been practicing Qigong for about five years. The first significant thing I learned to do with chi energy, is heal headaches (in fact I haven't had a headache in years!). Researching Shaolin monks, I found their daily Qigong training includes inflicting bruises on themselves and healing them with chi energy. I then set out to practice healing small bruises on my body, at first to no avail, but after a few months I seemed to have it down. My experiences in healing have thus far been very positive. I have been able to heal excruciating stomach aches through meditation and focusing my chi into the painful areas. This technique, as you could imagine, has come in handy a lot and has been very useful for everything from aches to wounds. Aside from healing I've learned to feel and control chi inside my body, and use it as a sort of shield to high pressure forces and prevent bruising or damage altogether (which I've recently found is almost the same thing as healing bruises in the first place). I also study a Qigong practice called "Tumo", which through meditation and visualization you can create heat in your body. I've had a lot of success in this area. Through my own study I've also come to find that Qigong can assist in psychic abilities (i.e using chi to literally telepathically locate missing things... this helps tremendously when looking for the remote).

Aside from my main focus (chi), I've learned about other parts of mystical eastern culture, like Kuji-in, which is basically holding hand symbols (or Mudras) while meditating, for different meditational benefits. And I've done studying on the importances of meridians and chakras (which are pretty much the main meridians in the human body).

I've also read up on different "magic" from other cultures and they are very interesting to me. Although I've come to find that almost all magic from every culture is carried out through meditation and visualization, proving there is definitely some connection between most, if not all, religions. I believe that every variation of "Magick" is the same force, the only difference being the methods used for visualization.

It is my philosophy that no Magickal practice should be "writ in stone". Magick is achieved through the visualization and meditation of the practitioner, and whatever concept works best for him or her is the one he or she should use. Look at Qigong for example. In China Qigong isn't esoteric. There are practitioners and healing patients everywhere. There are several masters of the art, all with different systems. These systems usually differ in the conceptualization of "Chi energy". Some masters teach you to "feel" it, some teach you to "see" it. Some encourage movement, some encourage lying still. None are more effective than the other per-se, rather it is a matter of visualization. Which ever is more comfortable for the master to teach or for the student to learn.

While I encourage those wanting to learn Magick to find information readily available to teach them the basics or even teachers, I also encourage experimentation. This helps you better understand the concepts you're learning. For example, I once had an awful twitch in my arm so I sat down and meditated for a while. I started to visualize and feel my chi move around in circles inside my body and with enough concentration, I made the twitching stop completely. I'd never read anything about this technique particularly, in fact it seems rather idle (in terms of Magick), but the point is I went out and successfully experimented with chi meditation and Qigong and actually strengthened my understanding of it in the process.

Good videos about Qigong or other forms of Magick:

Cheers everyone :)


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