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Name: aqua123
Birthday: Aug 29 1998
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Tue, 06 Aug 2013

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Hi everyone,

So I really only do white magic I want to learn more about my sixth sight and how to improve it.I bellieve everyone has a purpose in life if this is where life takes you so be it but anythinh can happen you just will not see it.

I am looking for a mentor mail me if you can help I want to learn everything and anything about magic tell me what kind of person, name , gender, and age thanx

If you feel down you can talk to any one if you are my friend I can help you so in all understanding and p.s. I love anime so if you have any recommended anime tell me thanks. P.P.S I like messages but don't say hi or something simple

I am single and straight


Some stuff

If I die

Don't cry look

At the sky

And say

Good bye


I am a color crayon I may not be your favorite but

I know one day you will need me to finish your picture


Girl: do you like me

Boy: no

Girl: if I left you would you cry

Boy: no

Girl: do you want me


Girl: would you live for me

Boy: no

Girl: would you pick me or you life

Boy: my life

Girl Runs off in tears and boy goes after her and tells her

I don't like you I love you, if you left I wouldn't cry I would

die, I don't want you I need you, I would not live for you I would

Die for you, I would pick my life because you are my life I love you

Post on your wall if you like it


Girlfriend : will you ever love another women

Boyfriend : yes our daughter


There was a girl who went out with boy that had been dating

Since the beginning of high school they so in love. But she moved away the last year of high school and promise she would merry him when she came back. Two years. Have passed and she did come back but getting married. To another Man he was mad when he got a invited so he didn't open it. The day of the wedding. He got a shotgun. And . He took it inside and with saddness in her eyes looking him . he hesitated. He shot her right in the head and ran home he never looked at the invention so he opened it said before my wedding. I want to run away with you my love remember forever he fell to the floor and said we will Be united again and he shot himself



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