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Name: HisShield
Last Seen: Sun, 19 Jan 2014

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Thank you :)

(hoping that of I put that at the top here IN ALL CAPS then people will actually see it and heed the warning)

And girls,please put your boobs back in your shirt,you're the reason why guys think this is a dating site.

I'm not going to disclose personal information to just anyone,but I'll tell a few things about myself here.If you want to know more,just mail me and we may be able to talk,if I have time.

I am an eclectic pagan,meaning I derive my specific religious beliefs from many pagan religions.I am a strong believer of karma,and I think if someone wrongs you It's best to let the universe deal with them as opposed to dealing with it yourself.That being said,I sometimes break the above rule.I don't believe in a god or goddess,I believe that the world is all based on a network of energies,and if we just tap into them we can have some control over what goes on in our lives.That's where this ties into magic.

I am interested in a wide variety of magic.Mostly I deal with rune castings and simple spells,but I have been known to dabble in herbal magic.I've recently learned more about my heritage and that has prompted a new curiosity.If anyone here knows anything about Native Americans and the magic they practiced,I would really love to learn more.I like to do things for other people,but I will not cast spells for anyone I do not know personally because spells need the intent of the person to be strong in order for them to work.While I may not cast spells for you,you are more than welcome to ask me for help and I'll do whatever I can.

I have many hobbies and interests.I like to make my own incense,crochet,create knot bracelets,make origami figures,and cook.I love customizing my altar.I'm interested in taxidermy too,but I haven't been able to try it out yet.Also,I love playing Xbox.The only games I've really played though are Call of Duty Black Ops 2,Minecraft,and Skyrim.I guess I should also mention that I am somewhat shy,but I talk about sex very openly.If you have any questions about sex then I'll happily help.I enjoy speaking to like-minded people,so if you have some things in common with me then don't be a stranger,mail me!

As a final note,don't message me about the following:

*Becoming a werewolf/vampire/demon/angel/mermaid/whatever else you come up with,you will be blocked.

*Saying you are a Christian Wiccan,as it is not possible to follow two contradicting religions.You will be blocked.

*Sending me rude or explicit mail,will get you blocked.

*Flirting with me,asking me to send sexy messages,or anything similar will promptly have you blocked.I'm in a committed relationship and very happy.


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