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Name: Lambdadelta
Birthday: May 16 1999
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Tue, 25 Sep 2012

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I guess I should put a few things down.. I'm Cheyenne, although I have about 10+ nicknames I've come up with for myself, this would be my real name.
For here, you can call me Lambda if it helps.

I'm around 13 years old with the mental age of about 22-23. Of course, I mean in wisdom and such. I can barely write without cruddy cursive or cruddy handwriting in general, and math can't be my best subject. Although I'm okay at science and reading, and I'm actually reading the Visual Novel to Umineko no Naku Koro ni.

I'm a mere human who is trying to become a witch. I found out about witchcraft and such from the anime 'Umineko no Naku Koro ni', but I knew none of it was really witchcraft or anything, but had attempts at it. I was really interested about magic and how to use it and began researching. Soonly, I found this site, bought a few candles, and tried out a few spells and such. I'm alittle bit worried about how every spell I've tried isn't working, I think that's because of how I have a bad memory, and can't remember the incantations, so I need my spellbook or my computer infront of me.. Oh well.
I have a avid imagination, but in a weird way. I use this to calm down. I can see figures of people (Mostly make believe characters.) at my whim. They are my best friends and my main way of calming down. I also have something called the Menta-World that I can visit whenever I'm in a calm space. I just close my eyes and imagine where I want to be. I can summon any of the people I can see while in reality too. I can also become anything I would like to be. I've made up my own character designs for this part. i can become totally different people with different personalities and such. Most people simply pass these off as daydreams, but it feels like a mix of that and astral projection. I don't leave my body, but it feels like I'm in a totally different place, or even, another dimension. I don't even feel anything or hear anything but what happens in that world. If you punched me in the face I probably wouldn't feel it. Perhaps this is my special power..?


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