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Name: bonie_lizzie
Birthday: Jan 15 1990
Location: In hell
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sun, 03 Aug 2014

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You may not know this but to learn magic is to believe in magic! ask me an spells you need to know I will give U the spell that might work I will not put any spells here yet but I will do this for you believe it!!(if there's any spells which are impossible then I'll be honest with you about it)

Bio: I am a type of person who likes art and Magic! ^.^ I am kind of childish ok? don't judge me =.=......( I take to stuff like furniture. I live in a haunted house help? My cat speaks English. It's ok if you don't believe me I am used to it..... I am NOT crazy!!!! I am mad ok?)I can be a great friend and I can be you worst enemy chose wisely! If you send me a message I will read it unless you are writing something very stupid like "you suck" or "show me your tits." And if you need me for some advice or some information I am here for you too.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~********************~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ HERBS AND BOTANY AND THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW WITH HENSFHER MAGIC

* Deadliy nightshade: Also known as belladonna,which means "beautiful lady." Can be used as ointment to make a woman's eyes bright and attractive. Very risky and dangerous,but sometimes can be eaten by witches. Eat too much and you can die or driven mad! A small amount can be used to see the future. The skilful witches from witchdell use it to fly! Kaity who lives in holwsaw said that they make an ointment from it and smear it on their bodies. But she never seen a witch to fly

* Mandrake: Also called mandragora. can be recognised by pale blue flowers and large leaves. the witches in wards peak call its berry's "Devils Apples." Eating the plants can make you fall unconscious. Too much can make you to never wake up or wake up mad! This plant can be used to purge cleanse poison from body.Helps relieve toothache pain in the joints. Also an effective ingredients for love potions. roots are shaped like an human body. supposed to shriek pulled from the ground. (I never herd it before because I usually never pull it out because I am too lazy and can be bought in the market in wolf fell.) Kaity says it's true.Mandrake are best found in crossed roads but are rare in parlick peak.

*Garlic: The peoples who says that garlic is useless with magic are very dumb! Garlic are used with lots of healing potions


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