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Name: Persephonie
Location: South sacramento
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Mon, 22 Dec 2014

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hello my name is Persephonie and I'm new to this website. I'm 13 years old and even my doctor says I was always about 4 to 6 years a head of my age. some of my favorite shows are charmed,naruto, full metal alchemist, full metal alchemist brotherhood, and my favorite soul eater. Pretty much for all of the main characters are my favorite, but I favorite favorite is tsubaki. my second favorite is blair maka's cat with a sense of humor and unspeakable magical powers.

My profile name is my birth name and my Wiccan name. Most people change their name to match their magical ability and so on. I chose to use my birth name for i was named after a Greek goddess(but her name is speled Persephone, my mother added the "i" so people wouldn't say perse(phone. Persephone is the daughter of Demeter, goddess of harvest, and Zeus, god of the gods.

As some people know the Greeks used myths and legends to explain everything that the gods did, or what happened in the world.

This is the story in my own words...


As legend goes, the Greeks tried to keep Demeter VERY happy for if she was to be sad the plants would wither and die. The only way to REALLY keep her happy is by keeping her daughter Persephone happy as well. Though, Persephone wasn't the girl to take advantage of people. One day Persephone was out picking beautiful flowers to give to her mother who was watching her from afar. Persephone's father,Zeus, created a flower that he NEW his daughter would love,the narcissus. He put the flower in his daughter's sight. As she bent over to pick it up, memorized by it's beauty, she didn't even realize the god of the underworld,Hades, was about to grab her. Persephone was KIDNAPPED! Hades took her to the underworld. He tried to explain his love to her but she simply would not listen OR eat, for she new if anyone ate anything in the underworld they would have to stay there forever. Meanwhile Demeter had Zeus send the messenger god, the only one who could actually enter the underworld without a problem. Once he got there Persephone was already happy with her life believing it was her true calling and... she and Hades were married, leaving her the goddess of the underworld. Knowing Persephone still wants to see her mother, but her mother might make her stay, Hades had Persephone eat 4 seeds from her favorite fruit, a pomegranate. Therefore, she had to stay in the underworld for 4 months. And according to the Greeks, THIS is the reason for the 4 seasons of the years.

This is how I believe the seasons went:

Spring is when Persephone returns and Demeter is the most happy causing flowers to grow and bloom their nicest.

Summer is when everything is somewhat normal which means the flowers aren't especially nice but, you can still water them and they will be very nice.

Fall/Autumn is when Demeter starts realizing Persephone will soon have to return to the underworld causing the leaves to fall, which i believe, symbolizes her tears falling.

And Winter is when Persephone returns to the underworld leaving Demeter terribly sad causing the plants to whither and die.

Persephone takes her rightful thrown as the queen of the underworld and the goddess of the seasons.

I like a plethora of things and activities. I mainly like artsy things like, poetry, writing, painting, drawing, photography, playing instruments. I play the violin, piano, flute, clarinette, sax, and trumpet. I also like skateboarding. I like knowing things that most people don't know like the greek alphabet, sign language, weird words with extra long definitions, and mostly MYTHS. Thank You for reading my bio,(i'm probably going to add more in time so this isn't the end it), Blessed Be


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