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Name: AngelRathra
Location: USA
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Fri, 03 Mar 2017

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I have had certain powers just about my whole life. Of course when I was a child I didn't realize that was what was going on with me as I was growing up. I remember when I was about 13 a lady friend of mine gave me a book on Witchcraft which I tried to read but even at that young age what I read in the book seemed so powerful that it scared me. When I was about 18 my intuition started kicking in and I started sensing things were going to happen before they did. At first I just ignored the thoughts that would come to me but after a few times of people getting hurt by my not saying or doing something, I started listening to it and acting upon it. This was also true of dreams I would have of people dying and I didn't want to tell them but when I didn't they would get hurt really I started telling them I had dreams and just be Very Careful. When I was in my early 20's I went into a (what was called then) "New Age" book store. I was immediately attracted to all of the crystals, incense, books and just the aura of my surroundings. I bought 1 book "The Wisdom of White Eagle" took it home and began reading it. It scared the begeezes out of me and I returned it to the store. There have been many instances in my life where things would happen to piss me off and without thinking I would curse the people that caused the problem. Within not too long of time something would happen to these people, be it heart attack, cancer, or other bodily harm. When I started putting 2 & 2 together I felt terrible that my curse could have done that so I would have to go to "God" or whomever and ask for forgiveness for doing that and then start praying for their healing. I had to turn the negative to a positive! Even when I did that I started seeing results where some of the people that had cancer went into remission, other people were completely healed, etc. And others with other ailments done to them healed also. 1 person in particular I had cursed was close to me and I ended up having to physically nurse them back to health myself.

Anyway this bring me to where I am today. I have dabbled in many different avenues of spirituality and because of my Christian upbringing have had fear following me all along the way. I feel I am now ready to move into a new chapter in my life and use the talents/powers I do have in meaningful ways. I know about karma and only want positive karma coming my way, thank you very much.

So I'm starting my journey in Witchcraft. I'm glad I found this site because it seems to have a lot of the tools I need to feel comfortable with what I would like to do.

Peace To All!


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