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Name: JudesAbliss
Birthday: Jan 13 1998
Location: New Jersey, USA
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Fri, 18 May 2012

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i am Puerto Rican, Native American, and Italian (from my great grandmothers time, i believe that is 3 generations back ? great grandmother was Native American and Puerto Rican, great grandfather was Italian)

anyway, i live now with my mother after moving out of my fathers house last year...long story short, he has made both of my sister's lives and mine hell for 13 years as of last year...i visit him once a month to see my dog, and my sister that lives there

im not judgmental at all, i am "bullied" at school, although i wouldnt call it bullying judging by the fact that even though i look weak, i can beat the living hell out of most people who try to fight me...i study taijustu, aikido, MMA, street fighting (as everyone most likely learned), and anything else i found interesting...i dont have many friends where i live, although i do have many friends around the globe of which i can trust with my life

as my body age may be young, life has taught me many lessons, feeding me wisdom in many different ways of pain, happiness (which was always taken away, yet now i find myself fighting back in ways i would never imagine, holding onto that happiness), loss, gain, etc., things people this age dont usually learn (due to the media, society, governmental choices of education and regulations of laws with "age")...(no i do not brag about it, i believe that bragging about wisdom only shows how immature you are, and how ignorant you truly are)...i also have a small speech problem, which is where i cannot speak how i think, therefor making me (in real life) sound casual, as when i type, depending on my mood, it will either sound very intelligent, or very dull, or as 40% of the time, casual

i have always had a connection with all started from being attacked when i was 6, and up until age 14, i was haunted and hit, until one day i just snapped and cursed it out...somehow i knew i made it worse, but it stopped after a week...also, i have had visions over the past few years that come true, anyone can help with that ?

if there is anything else you'd like to know, just ask, i am an open minded person, and as i stated, i dont judge what so ever, and according to everyone i have met, i am very understanding ^^


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