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Name: Arbella_Celt
Birthday: Nov 13 1995
Location: The Dark Forest
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Fri, 06 Jul 2012


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I live in Mooreville, NC

Music: Nickelback, Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath, P.O.D, Linkin Park, Evanescence, Rise Against, Emily Browning, Three Days Grace, Three Doors Down, Dubstep, Skillet, Shrillex

Books: Manga, Cut, Marked series, Inkheart series, informational books on Ireland and Witchcraft

Movies: Nightmare before Christmas, Underworld series, Horror movies, Funny movies, thriller movies, Occult movies

Shows: Being Human, SVU, World's dumbest, My big fat Gypsy wedding, Bleach, Anime, Punk'd, American Horror Story, 1000 ways to die

Heritage: Irish

Religion: Celtic, Druid

I am bisexual, I Have been a witch since I turned 12, I am open to learning new things, my horoscope is a Scorpio, I write poetry in my spare time, I also draw a lot, I am a little on the dark side, I am adopted i was separated from my parents when I was 6 years of age, I love meeting new people, I also love cats a lot, and I also love hanging out with friends.I can be sorta like a teacher, just know that I have a low idiocy level I have a very complex life that most might not exactly understand, but If you want to know more just message me

Darkness embraced love Arbella


One of my poems


_____-The Broken Love-_____

Please cure my heart

this sadness

darkening the light

bring me peace when I lay dying

how can you look away so simply

I want to love you

but you don't even know me

why should we love strangers

I do love you very much

with all my heart that I have left

The music in the distance

help me so I can help you

I love you

why can't you see this

in your own heart

the love I have for you longing

to be by your side forever

we could have lasted

I wish we could have lasted

I don't know why we didn't

I truly love you with everything

I have ever known

if you would ever understand

I would be at peace as my coffin goes in to the ground

I will weep when I see your grave in heaven

you would not find me in heaven if you look

I would move on cause your death

is a moving rock heaven can't

take my soul who would break if not with you

I love you I truly do

Please love me back as much as I love you


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