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Name: MoonShadow12
Location: Scarborough
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sat, 02 Aug 2014

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I have the ability to manipulate energy and heal with energy. I am clairvoyant which can end up being annoying. I am very in tune with nature and am extra sensitive to slight changes in energy and the environment around me. I am able to read people's auras and am able to sense if someone or something is around me just by the energy they give off. I give off huge amounts of energy which was helpful when I needed to save one of my friends. Since that incident I've realize the extent of my abilities in healing with energy. I am often attacked from many things in the astral plane because of my energy amounts. My house acts like a portal for everything which sucks because i tend to end up being choked or tend to lose things over night which is the reason i don?t usually sleep very long.

My spirit animal is the snowy owl. Ironically I have large eyes which can end up being very intimidating to others. I follow many aboriginal traditions and respect nature in the ways they do. The goddess Athena is associated with the owl and i take on many traits from her. I am smart in both mathematics and arts.

I am very musical I sing, play flute, guitar(a bit), ukulele, harmonica, Irish whistle, recorder, piano, tambourine, and hand drum. I love art, math, and science and am studying to become a Photographer.

I speak English and French. I can also read and write in the ruins of honorius. Most of the things I write that are not related to school are written in the ruins of honorius. I am currently helping my friend who is on SoM as Vespehera learn how to read and write in the ruins of honorius. My father works for the government so I am usually in hiding up in my tiny room which I consider to be my jail cell since I spend most of my time there.

I enjoy meditating very much because I can be alone in my own space and communicate with my spirit animal or with the plants in my garden. I grow herbs and to me they are very close to me. I do not let anyone else touch them for the fear of them getting hurt. I create my own candles and incense which i use for meditation.

I would love to learn more about herbology.


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