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Name: tristanindo
Birthday: Mar 5 1998
Location: Indonesia
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Fri, 18 Sep 2015

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Personal Bio
After a long time thinking about what I'm going to write on my Bio, I decide to write like this

Name: Tristan Kantohe but you can call me Vito

DoB: 5 March 1998 .. Turned 14 last March

Country: I'm from Indonesia, south Asia

A proudly Smiler, Gleek, Kpopers, Otaku, Shawol, ELF, Blingers, Christian, and Geek.

I was born in a very religious Christian family but have known magick since I was kid cause my grandpa, uncle, and others practicing a witchcraft too..

My Parents know me I have interest in magick but keep telling to still have faith in my saviour Jesus Christ and I still does

I love anime, manga, and Japanese game.. shortly I'm an proudly otaku..

I love Harvest Moon and Kingdom Hearts

I love Fairy Tail, Gakuen Alice, Letter Bee, and Kaichou wa Maid sama

My favourite song is oh Jerusalem, and amazing grace ..

My favourite food is Oriental food.. like sushi, rice, etc

My favourite Singer is Kim JongHyun and Miley Ray Cyrus/Hemsworth

My favourite TV channel is Disney Channel and Animax...

I want to study magic cause I want to fix and make my life better..

I have ability to forgive person as soon as possible.. *maybe that's not an ability*

I'm a loner in my neighborhood but when I know everyone I'll become an social person..

I'm nice and not gonna judge someone from a cover *ofcourse people doesn't have cover* *lol*

I wear a glasses, and its make everyone who sees me will know I'm completely nerd

I don't know but sometimes I felt sad cause people hate me cause I'm ugly, people always make fun of me cause my sassy act..

But most of people of this site was a really nice person.. and I'm happy about it..

They like me who is love a manga and anime, interest in magic etc.. I felt like met my double..

Root: under-active (-38%)

Sacral: open (31%)

Navel: under-active (-19%)

Heart: over-active (75%)

Throat: over-active (69%)

Third Eye: under-active (-12%)

Crown: open (19%)

I need a teacher to teach me about magick.. if you have interstate please tell me..

And by the way I'm not into black magick cause I hate revenge, hatred and etc

Proudly Christian Wicca


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