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Name: SkyeNoriega
Birthday: Aug 17 1995
Location: best place ever
Last Seen: Mon, 13 Feb 2012

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first of all im also know as SANGUINE AND HAVE ANOTHER ACOUTTTTT also i dont care if you hate me ok.. cause im the one thats flawless..kk... but any ways: BIO MAGIC: sorceress, pagan EYE COLOR: all sorts... main one is green, blue, brown and grey HAIR: sandy brown, blonde, sandy red and black at the roots TEETH: perfect and fwaking white XD SKIN: fair- medium ETHNICITY: Japanese, Italian. African american, Spanish, peuto rican, french ______________________________________________________________________ MUSIC: all TV: mtv, bad girls club, jersey shore, american idol, glee, american dad LANGUAGES: french, English (obviously... duhhh), Spanish, Japanese INTEREST: men HOBBIES: art, fashion designing, make up, modeling and magic GIFTS: medium and clairvoyant, automatic writter, visions, able to communicate.see and talk to the dead (spirits)(happy i have this gift, it helped alot when my puppy died and it still sleeps in my bed) also im working on reki and controlling chi MOVIES: sweeny todd, urban legends, the devil insie, underworld, 17 again ( zach effron is sooooooo hot XDD) and thers more movies ______________________________________________________________________ GUYS THAT I LIKE AND LOOK FOR IN A GUY!!!!! nice generous loving funny knows how to have a good time hot( cute, smexie) nice body so pretty much a jock lol ______________________________________________________________________ SCHOOL LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! have you ever been bullied? hell no are you a popular person? i am a popular kido... im so awesome at my school the lunch people automatically put in my lunch number before i get there while every boy else does theirs haha whats your grades? rather not say >. FOODS!!!!!! STFU nobody cares XD ______________________________________________________________________ well im a nice person... i dont care if you white blue black purple orange aqua violet, pink... i will still talk to you ummmmmmmmm... i dont care if your a nerd i find their goffyness adorable ummmmm yeah so feel free to inbox me (mail) :* kisses to you all


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