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Name: ElisaDemon
Location: Where love is lost and only hatered can be found
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Fri, 16 Nov 2012

Membership: Member

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i waited forever for him

And lost him in two days

My fate looks so grim

Cause now my heart is torn in so many ways

Darkness all around me.

No light its suffocating.

I'm begging it to kill me.

But the more I beg the longer I seem to live.

The longer I live the darker it gets.

There is pain, sorrow and death I hate it.

With every waking moment the pain gets worse.

AS the days drag on I give up all hope.

Finally there's light.

I walk towards it and it disappears.

I'm left in complete darkness.

Weeks after I stop begging I finally die.

You think you know me?

You don't know the half of it.

You think you scare me?

I'm just pushing back the wrath again.

I'm a beast inside soon you'll see

That you don't know the smallest part of me

Pushing against the walls within

I'm living in anger

And drowning in sin

Just one drop of blood is all I need

To finally set free,

The evil thing inside of me.

You pushed me too far

Now it's your turn

To get pushed around,

In hell you'll burn

I follow you close,

Silent like a mouse

I wait till you stop outside your house

I do it fast,

But deadly as a demon

Hold you down

And know there's no screaming''

I whisper the words of death in your ear

Your muffled cries,

That no one will hear

I hold your head up till I see your throat

I sink my teeth in until you choke

Your eyes roll back inside of your head

One look at you and I hope you are dead

Now you're the victim,

And I'm the haunter

One look at him

And I know I'm a monster

Can no one see this smile I'm faking,

See how, inside, I'm constantly shaking?

These people all claim they know me well,

Yet no one can see through my crumbling shell?

"I'm fine", I whisper, my sadness unknown,

They leave me to deal with this anguish alone.

I've hidden behind this wall most of my life,

I've managed so far, I've dealt with my strife.

Watching as, slowly, my blood leaks away,

It helps to keep life's true horrors at bay.

I pull down my sleeve to cover my hurt,

For approaching footsteps, I'm on the alert.

I guess my pretense is just all too real,

No one has to know of the pain that I feel.

The real me inside, where no one can see,

I can fool everyone else, why can't I fool me?

On a cold and dreary morning

As I sit upon my bed

While I stare at your picture

Thoughts of you go through my head

Sometimes when you don't know it

You douse my feelings with cold rain

And though you may not realize it

You put me through such pain

I know that I should turn away

Just go and not look back

This being lonely but not alone

Is something I can't hack

But something keeps me holding on

Is this the best I'll find?

I can't imagine moving forward

And leaving you behind

You know you can't deny it

Yes, I know you love me too

I pray the day will never come

When you say that we're through

I've never felt this way before

And never will again

My heart will always be yours

Even after our time comes to an end

I hope you don't forget these words

Until the day you die

And when that day comes I will be

Behind you with a sigh

I love you baby, don't forget

These feelings that I write

'Cuz if I said I'd die for you

Believe me, I just might.

this is me so just accept it for i dont care what you think god or bad i am me and i decide what i am



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