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Name: Crystal_Fall
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Thu, 29 Dec 2011

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Personal Bio
I will type all there is you need to know about me below. If there is anything else you need to know add me as a friend and message me. Don't worry I love making new friends :).

First lets start with my looks.

Skin color:Pale. Don't talk to me about it cause I am very sensitive about my paleness.



Hair:Dirty blond, and is cut in a scene/emo cut, goes just past my chest and bangs stop at my chin.

Eyes: My eyes are a blue/gray color. If you look real close around my pupils each of my eyes have a different pattern. One is where it makes my pupil look like the sun, and the other looks like there are lightning bolts on both sides of my pupil.

Likes:SWEETS, my boyfriend, anything that is living, vampires, friends, family, bugs(as long as they are not on me), the colors red, white, blue, black and orange, fruit, being happy, making others happy, having my alone time, people not telling me what to do, peace, wolfs and lions, fan-fiction, scary movies, and last of all ANIME!!!!!!!

Dislikes: People who hurt my loved ones, people who make fun of my paleness, people who hurt animals, people who think they are always right, people why tell me what to do, meat, HATERS, and people who are just mean to someone else for no reason.

Family: I have a mom, dad, and one older sister who is 1 year older then me. my pets(though they are like family) dog, bunny, 2 hamsters.

The reason I think I was brought to this world is to help people. So here I am helping not only myself but others who also need it. Now I am not one of those people who think they are all that or anything. I make mistakes and everyone does. Its life, and it SUCKS!!!!! But we all have do deal with it.

I am a really nice person and I love to talk and meet new people so don't be scared to message me or add me as a friend. I wont judge you. Trust me, I am probably as weird as they come,haha. But really like I said, I am here to help so if you want or need any help or advice ill listen and help you. No matter what the situation is.




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