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Name: sunry2021
Birthday: Mar 21 1980
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Tue, 11 Jul 2017

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I am a newbie as you all would call it I have always been interested in witchcraft but never went down that route out of fear of the unkown, recently my husband was in a freak accident at work, he works for a tree company, when a rope snapped that was hauling a tree, hit him in the neck slicing his throat, well he died instantly, his coworkers were able to revive him with cpr. he lost all his blood so his brain was without oxygen for a significant amount of time, but hes alive, he is currently in a vegatated state, unresponsive coma, the doctors said that he only has a 10 percent chance of coming out of it, and that only time can tell, well I was looking up a few healing spells online when my dad came over and asked what I was doing, I asked him if he believed in spells, he said that he does spells all the time, and that his mother did and he knows alot about it, I was shocked, I knew I was interested for a reason, like I always knew that he was into it, but never asked and he never told, another thing is that I always get vibes when something bad is going to happen, and I have had lots of my dreams come true,

my husband is now in a rehabilitation center for nuerology and the nurses always say hes still not responding, well i call bull when I walk in the room he follows me with his eyes and he trys so hard to talk to me and then the last time i was there I was letting him listen to his ipod and a certain song came on, tim magraw my little girl and he got all tensed up and started moving his hands and his mouth like he wanted to talk but just didnt know how I can tell that he was so frustrated from not being able to talk, his mri shows signs of brain damage, but the brain can heal, I just want to learn how I can help him, he has to learn how to talk, walk and everything else over again hes like a baby but I know that he has to be alive for a reason, we have 5 kids together hes only 37 years old but he is a very strong man and has a strong will to survive. so if anyone has any helpful thoughts or imformation on this subject I would love to hear from you

Heres the latest on my husband, it was our 12 year anniversary on the 14 of january, well i went to visit him and guess what, hes talking,he said momma, over and over, and you can see how frustrated he is not being able to do anything, he doesnt remember his accident but he is coherent, when i cried he cried, when i laughed, he smiled, and he kept saying momma, which is what he calls me, can you believe it, of course you can thank you all for helping me,


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