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Name: ReverentGabe
Birthday: Aug 31 1991
Location: South
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Wed, 16 Nov 2016


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Personal Bio

Hello, My name is Gab and I am not as much of a Spell-Caster or a Practitioner of any magic although I am interested on its history and how it is done by people (Always have been curious of it). I have been studying some for the past 5 years already and in the future. I am planning to cast some myself.

The closest I can relate is, being a bit of a Clairvoyant. I tend to walk away if I know there is nothing worth staying in a certain place. I can also tell if I will be meeting someone interesting in a certain place (or something interesting will happen), and before you know it, I am already within the place itself, roaming around, waiting for that interesting person or thing to happen (and I was never disatisfied in the end). But most importantly: "I use it to help people in any way I can with the struggles they are facing." Crazy things happen, all the time!

While I am not in the office, I also write something, it is a bit cheesy but here are some of it:


"One of us, was left under the shade of an old willow tree, were there they layed... Whispering, thoughtless words until the city lights filled the sky, they played and left at night as two shadows of a pair, dancing on mid-air..."- ReverentGabe

The white-light that burns fearlessly on the darkest night, of a cold winter evening, has left no room for joy nor peace, but pain and sorrow, as we stayed in the place, were countless battles of bravery has been fought... Blood-stain from every corner of the city, that smelled so heavenly to our nose that brought a sudden chill to our spine... And there in the midst of the world's misery, you will find none but one, in a distant place... Love at first sight, like an angel in the night, as she moved closely towards you, blushing her way before you, you turned around wondering why... Could it be? Now is the time?! As she neared to tap you, to tell you that "I Love You" without a doubt, you kissed those soft,sweet lips of her, as the intensity grew stronger, you held back for awhile... *sigh* And let it all unfold, against the light, that made a thousand memories in time... Oh for love, let no man dare to stay, in this world of madness, when there is life on the other end of every sufferings, we are always condemned.... Though... Foolish, love's a mortal's sin, as they go, we walked but slumbered here, were the morning's flight, take's it's flight: By the sea, near the shore's, till winter, will be born... Forever wrapped around the cloak of your endless love, bewitched, by what tomorrow might be.. Alone, in the corner of the tree's, hiding the shadow's that made, what turned out to be, the reflection of.... Misery, that is, within me.... -ReverentGabe

"Life is limited, only to were the light in the sky shine's dim... Dreams as it is, is limited, not only to were the rivers of the bay's, and of the sea's, runs cold, but also to were our imagination may run.. Wilder, than our fears..." -ReverentGabe

"Farther thy seek what blinds another sky, Two pounds layed beneath the shadows in the stars, Crash and burn, or else, will it soon shine.. Else tuck a life nearby, With the melody of spring. That broke us down, into deep sleep.. Of a cold winter lullaby.." -ReverentGabe

"When all, is lost.. "The Best," games in life.. Is.. Never having the trouble, in losing.. And that, which was sold for.. Was a dear, sucker's call.. Through what seemed to be.. A Game.. Of chances.. That came up my way.. That left me.. Broken-hearted" -ReverentGabe

"Time was stoned, as we flew, in the daylight's cry.. As we walked, we talked! On a bright, sunny sky... Embracing what little chances, there is, that we could find, until the full moon sets, another day without her, by my side...." -ReverentGabe


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