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Name: mysirEnt
Location: Tennessee
Gender: Male
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As far as my spiritual path... I was raised a Christian, and as I got older, dismissed the bible as not part of what I believe in. My views and beliefs as a Christian were much different from conservative Christians. Also, I have always felt a connection to nature & felt closer to the divine when it such enviroments. In my highschool years, I read up on paganism & Wicca but it did not speak to me. 4 yeas after graduating highschool, after a visit to Salem, Mass, Wicca spoke to me when I happened to pickup a book by Scott Cunnigham just out of ranom curiosity. It was a guide for the solitary practictioner. I bought and read the book. Oon after I joined alocal Pagan church, and started reading up on the different ods & goddesses. I could not shake he onnection I already had yo Jesus and I didn't want to. I soon left the church for othr reasons and decided to cater to my own personal beliefs and came up with the idea of Christian Wicca, only to discover it already existed and seemed to be a hot subject as far as being recognized as legit.

I believe there is one divine source with both male & female aspects. I acknowledge Jesus Christ as the male apect. I acknowledge the Holy Spirit as the female and visualize her in the form of a dove, as she was described as taking the form of when she came over Jesus. Also, the dove has been associated as a form that goddesses, in other religions, chose to appear in.

It has been a lovely journey to get to where I am. From October '08 to early 2011, not forcing anything, but just letting it flow and come to light. I am now in the process of preparing or my first ritual. I have been cleansing spaces, casting circles, and visualizing, etc efforlesly now fo a while, but never conducted a ritual or spell casting, as I naturally wanted to wait until I felt it was time.

I'm just a 25 year old southern guy. I'm so simple that it makes me complicated at times. I'm a musician. I love life. I love spirituality & myself. I love my iPad and I adore trees. I am somewhat of a hermit, but I come out the shell more time goes on. Having said that: I'm not a very outgoing person, but at times I can be out going. I guess, being in music and unleashing on stage has started to cause a social mood swing within myself. It's all very new to me. Lol. Btw, I love twitter. lol.

Top 3 fav music artist: Michael Jackson, Bjork & Teena Marie

Movies & TV Shows: The Lord of the Rings movies, The X-Men movies, The Twilight movies, The Scream movies. Game of Thrones, True Blood, Ghost Whisperer, Are You Afraid of the Dark, X-Men: The Animated Series



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