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Name: black.ryleon
Birthday: Oct 2 1997
Location: you can ask :D lol
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Thu, 23 Jan 2014

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Firstly please do not mail me with stupid irrational questions like "How do I become a vampire/werewolf/(insert anything that doesn't exist here)" because you are human and magic although it may be powerful it cannot change who or what you are.

Secondly do not mail me asking me what you should do if you are pregnant, someone abuses you, etc. this site is for magic not drama and if you are being abused or pregnant you need to talk to someone or call an authority

thirdly if you do send any of the above i will block you.

and fourthly please read my full bio :)

okay ^ . ^ well i guess that covers it so here is my bio finally lol :) enjoy

Hello all! Here is a little bit about me :D I'm 15 years old and i am openly gay so don't judge me haha :). I love to read, and watch anime. My favorite anime movie is my neighbor totoro. My favorite tv show is the golden girls XD, and my favorite movies are You Should Meet My Son, The Mulligans, and Les Miserables.

So now magic wise i have worked in energy work like meditation, psionics, thought forms, chakras, astral projection and things along those lines. I joined this site about three or four years back, until my old account got gagged unfortunately and so I got very frustrated and left the site for about two years. I rejoined the site about four months ago and joined the coven magical beings working alone, an amazing coven by the way they are very helpful and hands-on with the members. ^ _ ^

I was born into a southern baptist christian family and from the first i knew that that was not the religion for me (probably from all the sleeping i would do at the church XD) and so i started getting interested in new things and came across this amazing site and i new it was exactly where i belonged so I signed and here i am today :D

So as you can tell (if you read all my bio) i am still pretty inexperienced in some thing and good in others. I would love to chat with people i am a nice person :) and i can help anyone that would ask for it and take help from anyone that can.

Have a great day :)


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