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Name: Mystic_Fire
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Hey, my name is Bekkha. I've been interested in magick for a while and used to practice it but stopped for a while.

I like any kind of magic really, but I'm reeally interested in firee magick.

any help with magick that you have to offer, i would really appreciate. I would really like a teacher to train me, so anyone who can help I would be grateful. :)

if you want to talk to me, feel free to send me a message

Blessed Be

Legend of the Descent of the Goddess

Now our lady the Goddess has never loved, but she should solve all the mysteries, even the mystery of death; And so she journeyed to the underworld.

The Guardians of the portals challenged her: "Strip of thy garments, lay aside thy jewels; for naught mayest thou bring with thee into this our land."

So she laid down her garments and her jewels, and she was bound as are all who enter the Realms of Death, the Mighty One.

Such was her beauty that Death himself knelt and kissed her feet, saying:

"Blessed be they feet, that have brought thee in these ways. Abide with me; but let me place my cold hand on thy heart"

She repied "I love thee not. Why doet thou cause al things that I love and take delight in to fade and die?"

"Lady" replied Death, "tis age and fate, agist which I am helpless. Age causes all things to wither; but when men die at the end of yime, I give them rest and peace, and strength so that they may return. But thou! Tou art lovely. Return not; abide with me!"

But she answered: "I love thee not."

Then said Death: "An thou receivest not my hand on thy heart, thou must receive Death's scourge."

"It is fate-better do," she said. And she knelt and Death scourged her tenderly. And she cried, "i feel pangs of love."

And Death said, "Blessed Be!" and gave er the five fold kiss, saying

"Thus only mayest thou attain to joy and knowledge" and he taught her all the mysteries, and they loved and were one, and he taught her all the magics.

For there are three great events in life of man: Love, Death and Resurrection in the new body; and Magic controls them all. For yo fulfil love you must return at the same time and place as the loved one, and you must remember and love them again. But to be reborn you must die and be ready for a new body; and to die you must be born; and without love you may not be born; and this is ll the magics.


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