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Name: sammieann
Location: Strangeville
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Mon, 20 Dec 2010

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Haiii. The name is Sam, and I'm an eleven year old realist living in Nevada. I like art a lot, in every form, like cooking, drawing, painting, dancing, singing, fashion, all of it. Everything is art to me. I really enjoy camping, and hiking. My favourite artist/band is NeverShoutNever. My idol is Christofer Drew Ingle, and nobody can change that. My favourite TV shows of ALL TIME are Family Guy and American Dad. I'm anti-war, anti-animal cruelty, and I'm for world peace. I really want to be a vegetarian. I'm a very bubbly person, and tend to act flirty. I enjoys flirting with guys. I really like someone right now, and he likes me, but we're both just...ergh. I really enjoy the Y-U-NO guy, cause he's hot. I don't like school. I usually don't like people, but pretend I do, so you have to watch out for me. My only love goes to friends, family and animals. I love coca-cola, coke cherry, hot chocolate, chocolate milk, and fraps. I grew up in the world of spongebob and laptops, so I guess I'm ~modern~. You'll find I use the "~" sign a lot. Force of habit. I really enjoy cell phones, most particularly touch screens. I enjoy texting, also. To me, hello kitty is the most adorable thing ever. Internet explorer sucks, and so does firefox. I hate feeling sick, but I often do. People have to make themselves stand out to me to make me like them. I enjoy looking at vintage pictures with meaningless helvetica text. My world revolves around peace. I am a horrible writer when given a prompt, but when free writing is allowed, I'm pretty okay. I love whimsical art, and always have. I love to draw. I can be very obnoxious, mostly because I'm usually hyper, and indecisive. I'm every into technology, and would love to have a career in it as a fully-mature adult. I enjoy being a nice, quiet young lady. Most call me "asylum girl" because I'm very weird and outgoing. I love to sleep. I love to go on tumblr, twitter, facebook and youtube. I'm not into the entire Harry Potter "i heart it soooooo much!" thing. I'm a proud Pagan, which means I believe in other gods making me a polytheist. I also adapted a bit of the Wiccan culture, and adopted witchcraft. I only use white magic, because, frankly, I'm scared of black magic. That's all for now, bye!


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