Call of Justice to the Dark Goddess

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Items needed:

blessing oil with drop of your blood added altar cover with pentacle drawn with your blessing/blood sage smudge stick red candle

Set up and smudge altar to the right of Goddess altar. Always work this spell inside of your scared circle as altar of self. Place red candle as representation of self in the center of pentagram.

I call on you, the Dark Mothers of the Night! Hear me and come to me. You who are Hecate, Crone of Magick; you who are Persephone, raped and despoiled; you who are Kali-Ma, the Mother of Destruction ... hear me. Erinyes, black maidens of vengeance. Adsagsona, she who seeks out, I call to thee.

The violation against me cries out. I have been __ by one who escapes justice. Dark Mothers, I invoke you, turn your eyes to this abuser and bring __ to justice. Let __ not hide from your eyes, let __ be exposed for all to see and let ___ wrongful deeds be known to all. I ask, Dark Mother, that you take ___ into your realm and show no mercy, as ____ has shown no shame.

Persephone, you have undergone pain and grown strong. I ask that you protect me in your arms and be the Magick Mirror that reflects ____ violation back. Give me the strength and inner will to overcome the injustice and negativity that is directed towards me.

Dark Mothers I ask that you act, according to the law of three or your own wills as you see fit.

I am _____ . I am a priestess of my Goddess. This is my bidding and these are my words. May this spell not reverse, or place upon me any curse. So mote it be.

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