Opiate Withdrawal. A Guide To Self Induced Euphoria

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There are changes in your life that can help Opiate addictions. I myself have had an addiction to Gabapentin and recently switched to Bali Kratom. But you can become dependent off of this as well and it isn't something to do all of the time just like your old addiction. I use it only as medicine for something emotionally or physically painful or tense, and also you should only use it as a way to slowly get over your Opiate addiction. This is also how I feel with Marijuana, I only use it as medicine sometimes. It's okay to use it sometimes when you feel in need but not as a regular tool in my opinion. Again I personally feel the same way with Marijuana. You don't want to hook on these feelings and become dependent, you want to rely on you just being you to be happy. I want to discuss a way that you can induce euphoria naturally without feeling the need for an extreme Opiate rush. This goes into quarts and meditation. Meditation induces euphoria as well as some quarts energies.

It's a good idea to have rose quarts. This quarts opens up your heart chakra which can be very euphoric. As well as just opening your heart chakra alone. However all of your chakras need to be aligned too so don't just focus on your heart chakra alone when meditating, feel your whole body.

Meditate holding your hands to your heart. Let the energy of your heart chakra flow through your body. Do this daily and it will come more and more. If you have Rose Quarts then do the same thing but with the Rose Quarts in your hands. Rose Quarts has a powerful heart chakra opening energy.

You also want to start looking at life with this same energy from this meditation. Keep this meditation, as well as any other meditation a state of mind. You will also manifest great things

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