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Just gives an idea of the principle of energy.

Energy is to be considered eternal i.e. it never dies and this concept plays an important role in magic because magic is simply, energy subjected for a unique purpose. well that can be further decided that whether its a positive or negative purpose that leads to two different kinds of energy that is positive and negative.Now a question may arise that from where do the magic practitioner gets energy,well the answer for this varies from the personality and nature of person,as we see that energy is not just bounded or limited to several extent, its present everywhere. if a person is much more attached to nature he can attain energy for nature that may be known or not, this only the reason why many people feel good after they come from a morning walk in park. Now the yoga what we do is the same concept and i consider it

as revealing one's own energy and reviving it as we in our today's world due to many reason loose our natural level of friends by this i would conclude my article, hope u grow ur energy level and become a source of positive energy for others becoz friends sometime give few energy results in return of a much more positive energy.

Thnk u :)

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