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Read and liberate! Updated 16 July 2016/-

This following Article may might shock you, but this really will change the entire flow of your life. You would have a new perspective, You may be "Enlightened"

Preface In this article I have revealed the significant role of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, along with many relevance that have shaped the past, present and future of mankind, also I have exposed many of the false theories of

that have been brainwashing the peoples severely including our today's youth. Peoples are completely blinded about what they are into.

Important Note 1) After reading the article, you would become very considerate about me, Who posted this? --- A Jewish Slave (As a typical J.O.S Satanist would say) Answer is No! .. I am not any kind of spiritual army member or any kind like.. or part of mind games peoples keep playing in their brains, I am a normal person! 2) One may try to copy paste this article and post in other sites or like stuffs, you are free to, however it is a humble request that you must copy paste the link of this page along with it.

The Holy Bible and Quran The Bible and Quran is the most powerful tool the Christians and Muslims own because it is the source of knowledge about Gods and history of Mankind, the early Christians and Jews were very concerned that their knowledge in all ways is highly powerful and is going to create mankind's biggest religion on earth and also that in future it is going to test each and every true and worthy believer even in the worst stage of test, the judgement day is close, however God is overlooking all of his peoples committing sins and getting away from God, Lots of proofs are found that confirm many of the Biblical events. I would say you believers.. Keep your Faith alive, let your heart be strong in order to live a wonderful life, by "Life" I didn't meant this life we are living on this vexed negative existence, but also of the heavenly realm.

Loosing Faith at Ease Now, highly revealing as the tablets of Enki would seem and as a shocker for lots of believers around the globe after its hugely popular english translation by Zacharia Sitchin, shock was its similarities with biblical events and also that the tablets were said to be written thousands of years before the Bible, So many scholars came forth with their own theories.. Some said that the Bible is full of lies, some said that it might be an early prediction of the Bible and so on... Now lets turn up bit scientific, now, Theory of Evolution by Charles Darwin claims that humans evolved from primates and that slowly and gradually we kept on evolving... As we evolved we evolved our world, now this for sure, it cannot work on with what's mentioned in the Bible nor that of the tablets of Enki, actually many mystics claim Darwin's theories as false all just because of this, same can be seen in many cultures and religions worldwide, there's no reference of us been any primate before, even though as we have similarities, but one may surely find references of us been like gods and that Gods used to live along with them on earth.

The truth is again in The Holy Bible, ... When God (Authority) ordered Adam and Eve to not taste the fruit of the forbidden tree, but when the serpent lurked and tempted them, they violated God's order and obeyed the words of the serpent (Devil) this way the first humans were spoilt, then hardships were turned to humans by God, before their sin, Adam and Eve were living happily as we know, actually obeying the serpent turned the human authority in the hands of the devil, then things went same as in the bible, the flood did was made by God to wipe out the seeds of Satan and to start anew, however some of whom survived successfully and they started their civilizations on earth, with the curses acquired by them through the fruit of the forbidden tree, It is common logic......think of yourself being in place of God...think that you created Adam and think that you even planted the tree that you want your son and daughter to be away from....But Why?.... Think Why!.... Just to test them obviously of what Adam and Eve failed, On the other side, when God defeated Satan, he along with his followers (Other angels of what turned as demons) were kicked out of heavens, they didn't went to any hell, but rather they were here on earth, Satan and his demons gave his hard working and desperate seeds lots and lots of knowledge of what they already knew many, because they were the angels before made by God, Lucifer was always jealous about God's powers & Authority and so attempted to ruin God's plan by seizing his authority by turning the seeds of God on his side, and he was successful for doing so, and actually in reality God didn't stopped him of what he would have done with much ease, he tested his fallen Angel, similarly as he tested us while he created Adam and Eve, slowly Satan's civilizations learned and mastered all of the knowledge they got from Satan and his demons, Satan and his demons formed their own super race, the civilizations became perfect in all cases like life, energy, godly powers etc... Satan and his demons too had many of these men and women as their life partners which further gave a godly race ---The race of the "White - Reptilians" & how this happened? because this is due to the breeding of a reptilian with a white race, making a very powerful race.

Satan/Lucifer/Enki :-: This is the reason archeologists have excavated lots of unusual skeletons with extremely huge skulls, this is the evidence of Satan's race.

This is the only reason that the Egyptians carved their gods as with lots of animal figures unusually, most of just the shape-shifted form of the reptilians...While some built on with highly advanced features maybe by genes of animals, In all every attempt was made to make a better genetic godly being, this is the reason gods like half humans half animals are found in many cultures.

You may now be looking for answers how this race got wiped out?.. They were defeated by the Elite God obviously, however not all of the super race, some changed sides too after they were revealed the truth and because God had mercy, many of whom turned as what we call Djinn today, you may ask any person working with them about the age of the experienced djinns if they were to life before, the answer would be thousands of years old, however... many of djinns were personally created by Allah who are naturally of higher rank and higher power in order to look over all other djinns, a very serious believer may have opportunity to meet such Djinn, all djinns who are in assistance of Allah and his believers are called "Pak Djinns" meaning Pure Djinns. Not all became Djinns, some were given very high rank in order of the angels, while some were given genetics of Elites, all served happily on God's side. God accepted only those worthy souls who came with open arms to him, one who believed! Rest of all were with Satan and still are to this day.

Just to Confuse you The Devil along with all his followers in the past made every attempt to keep the further humanity blinded and unaware about this very truth, so during his reign he did made attempts like those false tablets, bunch of fake stories counter to the stories of Bible, replaced and erased names and connections to God's devices and made fake stories to establish a connection of those God's devices with him or his demons, left behind his traces on walls... list is long... This is the reason that same things cross each other spiritually among many cultures, many cultural backgrounds are messed up with other and many lost due to this issue.

Warfare? The entire idea of warfare is real, it can be experienced isn't it?, Satan and his demons are again trying to get back of what's buried, but believers have got least to worry, keep your faith strong, respect the bible and the Quran for our God is the most strongest of all... Always was....Always will be! __Amen_

Conclusion :-: Just Believe, follow The Holy Bible and The Quran, obey the words of God and his Angels, work hard, pray God, remember God before you eat, before you start your day, before you sleep and enjoy your life.

Notes :-: This Article is just a mere revelation, actually I have plans to host a website separately to educate the believers, for that may be far away.. Period! Hence this short article is like a head start for peoples. Amen.

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