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This is just a quick paragraph or so about becoming a werewolf/wolfblood

Your first transformation won't be the hardest. Period. Goodbye the end. I'm serious. Its tough, but the first one it just happens. If its anger or a full moon. It just happens. You can't control it the first time around, that's what scares everyone. The second transformation will most likely be the hardest. Its doubtful you would wait until the full moon to change. So if you want to change, the second time around is the hardest. You have to focus on being the wolf, since your focusing, you have to block out the pain that will be nagging you while transforming. Once your a wolf, it all gets better. You better learn to control your anger, as it still could get the better of you. I recommend a stress ball or toy. Write down your feelings on parchment. Whatever you need to calm down your anger. On full moons, you don't have to lie. Well, the first few ones you will. But the rest you can simply go in the garage and hide. Okay, I know what your thinking. But WolfBlood355! I want to roam and hunt! I have a suggesting. Go camping. If its winter, have a sleepover and disappear into the woods when your friend is asleep. Are your friends werewolves too? GREAT! Form a pack and have sleepovers/camp outs together! If their not, do your best to be normal around THEM! If you want to tell them that's your call, but take it into thought that they could or maybe would post stuff online and such. Well, anyway if your friends become suspicious. Tell them its a personal problem you have to sort out ALONE. Okay now the moment some of you have been waiting for. If you don't want to be a wolfblood anymore, consider this. Are you the slowest person in your class? The weakest? Do you want to get better at those things? You can by staying a wolfblood. But if theirs nothing I can do to sway you, fine. I don't know how to stop being a wolfblood. I'm sorry, its just the way things are.

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