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I like crystals :). I don't have a huge collection though, just enough to make me happy. Over the years they have come and gone, which I'm ok with. I have had in my possession at one point or another amethyst, clear quartz, selenite, hematite, orange calcite, red aventurine, apophyllite with stilbite, sodalite, and moldavite, to name a few. Some of my stones are in the form of earrings, pendants, rough cuts, polished, spheres, animals, etc. I keep some near my bed, some near my computer, some I even keep in my purse. I'm sure we've all heard that particular stones have different uses, for example rose quartz is also known as the love crystal and hematite is great for grounding. 
Each particular crystal also has a vibration number. Depending on the stone, we can use them to raise our vibration and connect better with the metaphysical realm. The highest vibration stone I have is phenacite/phenakite. It has a numerical vibration of 9. It's a small rough cut stone that I have paired with a petalite stone. I keep them contained in a small wire cage and wear them as a pendant when the mood strikes. I will usally wear a pendant or carry a stone with me depending on how I feel. Sometimes if I know i have a rough day ahead, I will wear the phenacite/petalite pendant for a vibrational boost. 
I'm listing a link below that may be good starting point if anyone is curious or would like to learn more about crystal properties including their vibration numbers. 
If you are interested in any particular stone or crystal, feel free to look it up. Once you find out more about the stone, you can begin your real search (I google everything lol). There are tons of different sites with good information depending on what search criteria you use. If you already own a crystal or two, test them out. Are there any favorite stones of yours that give you that ''feel good vibe''? If meditation is your thing, try adding a particular stone into your practice and see if you notice a difference. Do you feel calmer, more relaxed, more connected? If you're having trouble with sleeping, remembering dreams, etc., there's a stone for that lol. - Crystal vibration numbers s_Vibration_Number_Mean__Articles_4843.html - Search a stone (numerical vibration, associated chakras, astrological sign, issues and ailments, colors, etc.) ory_Crystal_Guide_Topics_3.html?show=allcontent&am p;tPath=3&search=petalite&key=title 
Additional links I like: /crystal-guide 

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