How To Create Magical Writing and Cast Your Own Spells

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How To Create Magical Writing

Magic is a wonderful way to connect with nature and the energy all around us we use are voices to enchant the world, but we can also use are writing to make it last through the pages of are magical books for others to feel later on. We can connect to energy at any time however it is more powerful when you prepare to write and cast your own spells and it also buts are minds into a relaxed state while doing it. Every Witch should learn how to write magic remember magic comes from within as well are around us so why not channel it into your magical writing in your ?Spell book , Book or Shadows , Grimour or whatever you may call it your book with in which you wright about your magical practices?

What does magical writing consist of?

Everything you write down to do with your craft is magical writing it could be you feeling one something personal, records of a spell or ritual you tried anything you believe is important and should go in your Book of shadows ?which is what I call mine?. You can write in your own language , Latin or even in the witches alphabet it?s your choice its whatever makes you happy. ?A word of caution, unless it is a second language to you or you are fluent in the language I would not advise this method. A simple mistake in translation could be disastrous, stick with what you know, clearly and correctly.?

Before you do any magical writing, you should first think about what you are going to do what you going to write and how are you going to write it, Make notes, I tend to draft it out and draw or paint any illustrations to go with the writing. What type of ink will you be using and what colour take all this into consideration you not only want it to look beautiful but to be a mark of who you are as a person so take your time. Before you start you are comfortable and you have some quiet time or you can listen to soft music ?though recommend using music with no worlds just in case your like me and write them down too,? grab a cup of your favourite drink ?mine tea or coffee? and begin. Take your time, but do not worry if you make a mistake, just corrected in a simple way, the most common is just to cross it out and put the correction straight after it ?or you can right and draw everything in pencil first so you can decide if you happy with the layout?.

If you intend to do a lot of writing, then it may be worth looking at calligraphy with a quill and ink. Simple calligraphy writing is quite easy to learn and looks very effective. Your local art shop or online retailer is a good place to look as there are many basic starter calligraphy sets to choose from that are available, you could even learn how to write in Script style

As for paper or parchment use whatever you are happy using you can age the paper with coffee or tea to make it look older or you can let nature age it over time for you it?s up to you. You can paint each page a colour to represent that type of spell green for herbs, red for love, blue for healing grey for dark magic its you choice.

For spell writing and ritual writing there are some special magical inks, the most common are Dragons blood ink and Doves blood ink. ?I personally have always used dragons blood and will include my recipe for that?

Dragons blood ink ? good for protection, purification and energy. It also increases the potency of spells and is good for banishment spells and against negativity. ?My recipe Dragons Blood Ink - 1 part Dragon's Blood resin, few drops of Cinnamon oil, few drops Cay oil, 12- 15 parts Alcohol ( this is for the dilution an slowly so you can blend it better,) 1 part Gum Arabic , few drops of Rose oil?

Doves blood ink ? this is especially potent in love spells, adding power to romance and passion, friendship and peace. It is also excellent in connecting with any spirit or guide.

Both these inks, and others, are available from any magical supply shop or from places such as eBay. It is quite easy to make your own inks, but most who are starting out in the craft will find it easier to buy premade ink.

Do not to be afraid of experimentation in both writing style, and writing materials. As with all things in the craft, find what feels best for you and gives you the best results but you could wish for.

Creating your spell

The Idea.

The very nature of Magic everything you do should be very personal you can find spell online but some of them may not work because your not fully connected with it so tweak them make it your own. You must Understand the very basics of spell work, how they are constructed, breaking each spell down to its individual components. This will enable you to formulate your own specific, effective spells for any purpose in the future this way the spell you cast will be most effective for you and your purpose.

Before you can start to write the actual spell or ritual you must set up a plan. First, what is the exact purpose of the magic? It must be precise without any room for error the end result must be very clearly and exactly predetermined.

-With magic you must always be very explicit.

- What is your spell for?

- What exactly do you want the outcome of the spell to be?

- You must be exact in your desired result. This is the most important thing to get correct.

- What is the exact nature of the spell?

- Why do you need to cast a spell for it?

- Will this spell in any way touch on any other person? Remember Karma. In any spell work this should be considered.

- Ignorance can be just as destructive as Dark magic.

All magic can have a negative impact if not carefully thought through, including "white" magic. It may be well worth at that this point to learn a little about Karma and Dark Magic.

To write magic you must understand it, in all its forms! (Remember I may not follow your own believes so if you use different types or magic styles then you may find this isn?t very help full).

The Timing.

You can find energy any time so you can also write at any time however there are something that can boost the powers or your writing and spell casting like, the moon phase and the Astrological sign or any other event. Witchcraft has always been heavily influenced by the waxing and waning moon, as it is the astronomical body closest to us it has an immensely strong influence over us and our magic. As each astrological sign has a different consequence it is preferable to choose a time when the Moon corresponds with the magic purpose we are working on.

You should also consider with care Nature's natural Energy and if possible plan ahead your magic to take this into account Often this won?t be possible due to the natural nature of life, but you can cast in a space you feel comfurble in like by your altar or in you room no matter where we are the energy is always there ?even though I find it better when I am out in nature I have never had a problem when also doing spells or rituals in my house?.. Always remember there a planting time (start), a growing time (middle), a harvest time (end) but you must also think the time for rest and planning.

Method & Research.

There are many parts to consider in magical writing, magical words ,magic symbols, essential for magical work which you can find through looking through books and ?google? so don?t panic your not expected to know everything of the bat relax we all get it wrong sometimes.

This is where you actually start to formulate the spell. This is where you start putting into practice everything that makes you a ?witch or wizard and any other name you go by? everything that you have learnt this is where you start to make your own magic.

Gather your correspondences, pens and paper. Clear your mind, open your books, and begin..... But where do you begin? well lets gather some ideas together to start you on your way.

Which day of the week is best to cast the spell? Which moon phase is most beneficial to your desired result? Have you taken into account Astrological signs? Which colours are best to incorporate into your spell? These can be in the form of Feathers, Candles, ribbons etc. I always write as much as I can so if it doesn?t work out the first time I call look over everything or if it dose work you can go back and see how and why it worked for you. ?remember not ever spell will work the first time? Are there any herbs, incense and oils which will increase the potency of the spell. These can be burnt or used to anoint. Can crystals help in the vibrancy of the spell? Is there a Deity that can aid in the spell? ?if you use one or any other spirit or something else you believe in? Are there any other ingredients from correspondences to intensify the spell? These can include directions, elements, Planets etc.

Planning and Writing the Actual Spell.

Do not attempt to do magical writing when you have anything on your mind that can interfere with your concentration. Magic writing is hard work so give it the respect it deserves you will fell better for it later when you turn back and see you did it without letting your mind wonder. You should write the whole spell out exactly how you plan on casting it, you will have this in front of you so there can be no mistakes when it comes to casting it and as a point of reference in the future. You can make it as long or complicated as you like, and you can add whatever feels right to you.

Now you know what the main things for you spell are going to be you should write a simple outline for you spell. When you have a simple basis you can then fill out the elements as you add them into the magic.

First will be when the spell will be performed. You must allow for preparation time as well as the casting time of the spell, on what day and what moon is needed. Remember you are not just writing the words of the spell, you are writing a full instruction leaflet! You must be clear on what to do during each part from beginning to end.

How do you prepare yourself? Examples are fasting, bathing practices, chastity or sex, meditation or divination are many of the methods used. Most often the preferred method is a Ritual Bath A bath usually includes candlelight, fragrant herbs, bath salts or sensuous oils all which are combined within the spell ? I have a bath to relax my body and mind followed with 15minites of mediation where I focus on what I need for the spell and how I want it to go focusing on all the energy need for the result .

Slowly follow you instruction on how to use the tools the ingredients or candles take your time and breathe let the energy fill you with warmth and power you are completely relaxed you have decided on what your using to help your spell along. Write down each step in the ritual. What order do you light any candles, or invoke a divine power?

Next are the words. These are the focus of the power you are going to call from deep within you this is where your magic comes alive using the energy of the universe to add power to your own power within. Be exact in your words, ask for exactly what you need Do not allow for any miss-interpretation write everything down to help you when you cast the spell even if you can simplify it later for the first time casting you want to have that extra help. It may be a chant, words of power or even a prayer. There is no right or wrong. Magic is personal to you if it feels right then trust in yourself, search deep within yourself it may take a little time, relax, let the magic flow at its own pace.

Then the closing of the spell. How do you end it? What do you do with any ingredients. Is there anything that needs to be done after the spell has been cast. Be precise with the whole ritual from the first moment until the very last motion.

The Preparation.

Ok, you have written your magic. Now its time to prepare. Gather together all tools, ingredients and anything else you need in the one place so when it is time to cast you have everything to hand. You will need to gather together the things that your magic requires and these need to be chosen with care. Everything you gather at this point is a tool. Remember that. Magic comes from within. Everything you use is a tool to help you focus your intent. Tools do not hold the magic, they are all elements of bringing the magic out from deep within you.

Your place should be private, quiet, safe and secure. You must be relaxed. You should already have a space for magic, a special place set aside for this purpose only. It may be an unused room in the house, a special corner of your bedroom, a quiet, secluded spot in your garden, the kitchen or some other magical place to do your work. It should be quiet, unobtrusive, very private to you where you feel totally at ease in and calm. Ensure that when the time comes for casting you will not be disturbed, or have things on your mind. You must be totally relaxed, focused and preferably alone.

Remember to bring your notes so you can follow them and trust in your words if you don?t then it will not work so don?t let fear of the unknown stop you let it fill you will the need to know to seek knowledge.

The Casting.

Now of course all that left to do is cast the spell!

Remember that Magic is the manipulation of the energy that lies deep within you the earth and the universe let it flow through you and Everything around you, your thoughts, feelings, environment and tools, everything around you help you to control the Magical energy you have produced. You must remain positive and focused, knowing what you want, seeing it, feeling it and embracing it, letting the energy flow through you. You have to control it, direct it, focus and use it to manifest the desire of your spell and believe in the Magic that you are creating. That is the essence of Magic that is what it is to being a witch follow your spell take your time and remember capable of great things.

?if you spell doesn?t work the way you wanted or goes a little bit off course don?t panic, it happens to us all and yes even to me, re look over you spell see if there is anything you can add make different. Do a little bit more research eventually you will make your spell perfect with time never give up?

Blessed be and good luck

Thearaya Dragobblyddyn

please let me know if this help you with your practice

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