Incense Reference for Rituals

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These correspondences slightly differ from the correspondences of the herb itself.


African Violet-enhances spirituality and protection. Creates attraction and harmony in love.

Almond-prosperity and wisdom.

Amber-emotion balancer, healing and meditation.

Aloes Wood-healing, protection and affection.

Anise-guides psychic pendulums, Good luck charms, drives away negativity, and cleansing.

Apple-enhances knowledge and wisdom. Love, healing, immortality and garden magik rituals.

Bamboo-divination, protection, luck, and hex-breaking.

Banana-prosperity and fertility.

Cedar-purification, protection, and banishing bad dreams.

Cinnamon-spirit and brings protective energies to harmony. Healing and money.

Clove-enhances banishing rituals. Attracts positive energy.

Dragon's Blood-enhance rituals of love, protection, and exorcism. Good luck.

Eucalyptus-good health, protection, and healing rituals.

Frankincense-good health, protection, purify, spiritual growth, knowledge, and meditation.

Gardenia-enhance Moon energies, a popular use in moon ritual. Love and attracts good spirits during ritual.

Ginger Root-promote psychic growth and success.

Honeysuckle-enhance the bonds of love, heal relationships, strengthen love.

Nag Champa-clearing and protection, mediation, creating sacred space bringing energies into harmony.

Jasmine-relaxation, dreams, create prophetic dreams if burned in the bedroom.

Juniper-healing, protection from hexes, evil, and sickness.

Lavender-healing, love, compassion, protect relationships, cleansing for spirit work.

Lemongrass-psychic awareness, and meditations.

Lilac-protection, peace, and harmony.

Lotus-fortune, love, long life, protection, and is a sacred offering.

Myrrh-meditation, banish negativity from self, and enlightenment.

Nutmeg-Prosperity, fertility, luck, fidelity, and love.

Patchouli-prosperity, fertility, and love.

Peppermint-growth and renewal.

Pine-humility, protection, placed in a home in winter to promote protection and health.

Rose-love, healing, and promotes calm.

Yellow Roses-success.

Red Roses-love and protection.

Pink Roses-protection and compassion.

White Roses-protection and spiritual matters.

Purple Roses-divination.

Rosemary-enhance memory, love healing, mental or remembrance rituals.

Sage-wisdom, immortality, and purification. Protect objects, places, and people.

Sandalwood-spiritual awareness, meditation, and psychic development.

Strawberry-friendship and love.

Sweet Grass-purify spaces and attract positive influences.

Green Tea-healing and promote health.

Vanilla-prosperity and dedication.

Verbena, Lemon-protection and love.

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