How to Create Auric Shells

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I find Shells useful when doing somewhat spiritually dangerous things, blocking out energy when I need to take a break, and just creating a safe bubble to live in. Auric shells aren't very hard to build. It does get easier with practice, and stronger as well. If you do psychic readings, are an empath, or just feel drained a lot of the time, I will always suggest building shells.

Hello everyone :D

I just wanted to make a little post about how to build Auric shells. I find them useful when doing somewhat spiritually dangerous things, blocking out energy when I need to take a break, and just creating a safe bubble to live in.

Auric shells aren't very hard to build. It does get easier with practice, and stronger as well. If you do psychic readings, are an empath, or just feel drained a lot of the time, I will always suggest building shells.

Here's how I do it, but feel free to modify and switch things up to suit your needs. After all, it is your bubble.

First, I physically cleanse myself.

Getting all of the gunk out of my hair, off my body, and just letting the mess of the day run off my skin seems to be a ritual in itself. It calms me down, and helps me to get into a 'clean' mindset. If you take a bath, adding oils to heal and rejuvenate your body/spirit are welcome additions.

If you would like, you can even do a visualization exercise to remove negative energies from your aura. This in and of itself will help you very much in the long run. (Plus it feels great)

I find that imagining your aura slowly slumping off layers of goo and mud into the water as you step out works wonders. You can do something similar in the shower, but instead of being cleansed when you step out, feel the debris come off with the water as it runs down your body and into the drain.

Next, I take a white cloth and wipe myself off in one direction to finish up the detoxification of energy buildup. Just running a brush through your hair or using a clean towel works too. Find what you like and go for it.

After that, I like to meditate for about 10-15 minutes and begin to start focusing on the different levels of my aura. I personally use a three-layer guideline, but use as many as you want. If it's 1, or if it's 25, do what you feel is appropriate. The first of my shells is close to me, just like a sack around my frame. The second is slightly larger, more like a box in size, or even a bed. The third level extends about 2-3 feet away from the second.

Once I define these layers, I categorize them in strength.

You can picture them any way you want, but I make the furthermost shell the weakest. It deflects negative thoughts coming from other people, and absorbs my own doubts. This little shell for me is a soft yellow color and resembles a sponge on the inside, and a mirror on the outside. To cleanse this shell I use a little bottle of sea salt spray to 'wipe down' the grime off of the mirrors, and run a towel through the air to take away the dirty thoughts and energies from the inside. Visualization of these things can be perfectly fine as well.

The second shell is of medium strength. It takes the sting out of words said by myself (to myself) and the things said by others. This layer is orange for me, with red mandala designs to inspire something good in my heart. I often draw confidence and love sigils in the air when I work on this shell to kind of charge it. As you've probably guessed, I really enjoy using visualization, so it shouldn't be a huge surprise when I say that I 'connect' this shell to the Earth using a root. When I want to cleanse my second shell, I will either set a clear quartz in my palm and run it through the aura, or I'll imagine pure light slipping over and around it, eliminating all of the darkness.

The very last shell I make is the strongest. This level deflects curses, hate, bitterness, and betrayal, and promotes love and happiness in my life. When I get to this point, I'll set my two favorite crystals on each of my knees. You can pick the two you think are best for you shell, or just a couple that feel right. I use clear quartz and Amethyst, myself. They clear and calm my mind. My second choice would have been tourmaline and rose quartz. Tourmaline neutralizes energy, rose quartz brings love.

After I begin to feel the energies of my crystals, I create a geometrical circle around my body. To really make this as strong as possible, I start at my head, work my way down very carefully, being aware of my whole body as to not leave a hole. The outside of the third level is shiny, and has opal-esque qualities. Within the surface are teeny tiny web-like structures, which catch any unwanted energies that may try to get through. Then comes chain mail, crystal walls, and lots of other layers. Sometimes I'll even include a layer that looks like my safety blanket. I will even extend my aura into my heart chakra or root chakra, but not always.

Whenever I clean this layer, I spend a lot of time in it. I take a feather/fan, and waft away all of the bad things in my mind, on my aura, and in my home. A good thing to do is burn sage or cleansing incense, if you desire. After just ritualistically clearing the space. I will meditate on any thoughts that have been bugging me, and I resolve them. I send loving messages to people I may not be fond of, and I let everything that is or has bothered me go. I let golden light swirl through this layer and encase me in fond and sweet memories. I let the gold explode in rays of light and expand out to the walls of my room and the out to the sky where the stars glisten, or the clouds sweep by. I take some yogic breaths and feel peace.

After creating my shells, I might draw a sigil that has a meaning like 'My shells are strong and will support me', just to give myself that extra kick.

I try to rest afterwards and then go on with my day, feeling safe and happy in my shells.

Remember to make your shells personal. They can look however you want them to, and go as far forward/backward as you wish. I cleanse my shells everyday, and recreate them every two weeks. If you feel the need to do this more/less often, go for it. If something resonates with you, I say follow the vibes you get.

I hope I've helped some of you if you were wondering how to create these :)

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