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Connecting more with the circle of the earth and eating healthy!

The moon diet is an especially cool thing to do in your path as a Witch, Wiccan, Pagan, etc. The moon has effects on your body and can definitely fit you into that skinny dress you thought you couldn't wear!

It begins with the full moon ( the best time to start) and it is a fasting period. For the entire 24 hours yout must not eat solid foods. Drink plenty of 100% real fruit juices and 8 cups of water a day! Why though? The full moon and the mix of only fluids flushes out your system of toxins and people may lose up to 6 pounds in water weight gain in just one day!

Now for the waning moon you must drink 8 cups of water a day and eat a BALANCED diet of solid foods! Look up super foods and you will find a balanced diet there.

For the new moon or no moon fast again. and drink green tea, sage tea, and dandelion tea, no added sugar!

For the waxing moon you need to cut down on calories and eat smaller portions. Eat no food after 6 pm and drink more fluids between 3-5 pm!

You will gradually lose weight and with a little zuzka light and flexibility yoga routines you will be healthy an in shape and stay in shape in no time!

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