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This article presents different kinds of therapies and their beneficial effects for the human body.

What is a therapy?

According to where the healing energy goes, therapies can be classified in 2: - I.physical therapies

-II.mental therapies

Later on, you will see that actually any kind of therapy will effect the patient on both sides. This classification is based on the side a healing process concentrates more.

I.Physical Therapies

Physical Therapies are the ones that include taking a concrete action in order to improve your patient's health.

Considering the usage of a therapy, there are three kinds of therapies: -A therapies for prevention

-B therapies for healing a sickness

-C therapies for relaxation

Most of the people will say only the first two are correct because the third one can be included in the first one, which is partly true. But from my point of view, it is easier for a person who has only started learning Healing to understand if you put it this way.

A: 1,2,4,7,8,11,12,14

B: 1,2,3,4,5,6,9,10,11,12,13,14

C: 2,3,8,11,12,14

1.Plant Therapy:

Plant therapy has existed on Earth since like.. forever!, and this is being proven by the fact that there are registers of plants and their effect on human body from 3000 BC. It is easy enough to understand, you use plants in order to prevent something or heal/ help healing a sickness. Usually when you have a problem, look it up to see what plant/s would be recommended. Nowadays Plant Therapy is really popular, so I don't think there is any need to insist on it.

2.Stone/Crystals Therapy:

Not as popular as Plant Therapy, but very good known is Stone/Crystal Therapy(obvious). Stones and Crystals influence the energy of our body in great ways. This therapy is not used for healing, but for helping healing. Most of the time it is used for relaxation, which as I said, can be considered as preventing illness.


It is indeed pretty much to say that this one is used for healing, but it can be in some cases, especially when it comes to an illness that affects the respiratory system, can improve the process of healing. For example if you have flu, take a bath and add in the water juniper oil. And yes, indeed, it will be better. Another example: runny nose=> compresses with vinegar on your chest=> you smelling horrible after it for like 3 days, but being able to breath. Most of the time, indeed, aromatherapy is used for relaxation, and it is very relaxing, but I believed you already tried it. This type of therapy also uses, apart from oils, candles, plants and God know what( everything that smells in particular).

4.Food Therapy

Not used for relaxation at all, but indeed very useful when it comes to prevent an illness or when it comes to treating it. It is better to follow a doctor's advice in this case. You might have heard of this doctors, they are called nutritionists/ the enemy of happiness!

5.Modern Medicine's Therapies

It is much to say that this is a therapy, but I added this on list because Modern Medicine contains plenty of different therapies that can be used, one of my favorite would be number 10 here. This kinds of therapies are used by doctors, but some of them could also be used by us. Document yourself very well before practicing one.


This a a therapy that doesn't especially need a doctor! Attention!!! This therapy could be performed by yourself, but if you are not a doctor, it is very and extremely dangerous!! Still, there are some exercises and things you can do, but only basic! Be very careful when it comes to this one! If you are strong enough, and you push something inside a person's body, it could even paralyze your patient!


This kind of therapy can only be done by nurses or doctors. Don't mess with it! Usually, people use really fancy words to describe it, but to put it simple, in only one word: Vaccines! Vaccines work on this principle!

8.Nature Therapy

Nature Therapy is very a very general field to work with it, it means: "Using anything that nature gives us in order to have health benefits!". What does this mean? An example is really necessary: If your patient has lack of Calcium in his body, don't just give him milk, say him to spend some time in the Sun. This gives the body vitamin D which helps fixing the Calcium in our bones. Also, staying in the sun is very healthy in general, but make sure that your patient doesn't have any kind of skin problems, and that it won't stay too long in the sun. Another example of nature therapy is receiving energy from the Sun/water,etc. in order to heal faster. We will meet Nature Therapy when will talk about Mental Therapies as well.


Also part of the Modern Medicine, only that I know nothing about it so if you are interested, google it. I have never practiced it, I don't know its benefits or the way it works more than Google does. Sorry.


So, when something new( bacteria, virus, etc.) enters in our body, it will also be in blood. The Immune System of our body analyses the blood and tries to create special cells which google translate told me that they are called WBC in English? So The Immune System creates WBC that are specialised to each form of organisms that should not be in our organism. And they fight against it. Now, if that thing doesn't go away, afetr a while, The Immune System doesn't recognize it as a big problem anymore. In order to tell your Immune System: "You stupid, go back and do your job!", you take blood from one of your veins and you introduce it in your butt( muscles, obvious (I hope). The Immune System will reanalyze the blood and will start fighting against that thing that causes you problems. Modern Medicine doesn't practice this anymore, and it is a bit painful, indeed( Yes, I have done it myself), but it works 100%.

Day 1: Take one milliliter of blood from your vein and inject it in your butt muscles.

Day 2: Take 2......

Day 3: Take 3....


Day 10: Take 10( it is better to inject 5ml in the left side of your butt, and 5 in the other side, you can do this when you reach "higher blood" days as it is painful.

Day 11: Take 9...

Day 12: Take 8...

Day 13: Take 7...

Day 19: Take 1...

Day 20: Treatment completed!

After at least 3 months you can repeat the treatment. It is good for a lot of illnesses, you can look that up on Google. And no, I won't tell you why I did it!



Very popular nowadays, it is a Traditional Chinese Therapy, and it can only be done a a person who is legally allowed to. But happily, there is something similar you can do. And that brings us to number 12.


It is the same thing as number 11, only this time you use your fingers. There are invisible energetic meridians in our body, and this type of therapy finds its purpose in redirecting energy flows in order to achieve balance. You need to study them before you begin practicing this therapy.


I don't know much about this, because I have never practiced it. You burn plants, oils, etc, and you put them in a ball and on your patient's problem zone. Or you raise the temperature of some rocks and place them on the patient's body.


Our nerves end up in our hands and feet. That means that every reagion from our hand/foot has a capability to communicate with everything that there is in our body. By massaging these region, you can improve your health in various ways. This is a very efficient therapy.


Foot MAP

II.Mental Therapies

Mental Therapies are the ones that attract the Energy from the Universe and send it in the body of the patient. The Healers only becomes a receiver that has to direct the energy into his patient. The Healer can cause harm to himself, if he/she is not powerful enough or if she/he is not healthy. You can also get sick if you do not know how to direct the energy you are receiving . So it is a bit dangerous, but if you study how to, it will be piece of cake!.. Well, not really:)

It is a bit hard to classify Mental Therapies. A person has three "sides", to say so: Body, Mind and Spirit. According to which side effects, you can classify them. But that can be tricky also, because some of them can even affect all three of them( for example Reiki Therapy). I will only present the ones that I know and I will also specify the ones that I have done, including to them a few tips.

1.Therapy with Chakra

Now, this one can be tricky! The principle is simple: In our body we have 7 energy centers called Chakras. In order for a person to be healthy, all 7 Chakras must work properly. If you want to practice it, it would be wise to first read some books about it and learn the way Chakras work, when they don't work the way they should and also how to rebalance the energies. I have only studied it, never practiced it until now, but I plan to do it in the far away future.

2.Reiki Therapy

This is one of the therapies you have to try in a lifetime. It is absolutely great. The healers sends energy to the patient in order to activates the body's healing mechanisms. It uses Aura Therapy, Chakra Therapy, Nature Therapy, and many more. It is very complex and in my opinion one of the greatest Mental Therapies. I studied it and I went to a healer who was specialised in it and it was great! I have never practiced it though, as it is not one of the easiest ones!

3.Aura Therapy

Aura Therapy is the Mental Therapy I use the most. I was born with the gift of feeling Auras and being able to see them. This has made the whole process a bit easier to learn for me.

What is an Aura?

First you must perceive the patient's aura. See the colors that should not be there, the ones that are influencing negative aspects. You have to change the colors and mix them. If you want more information about it, send me an email and I will explain it to you, as I have already mastered this therapy.

4.Distance Therapy

It is about capturing the energy you want from the Universe, surrounding yourself by it and sending it where you want to, to a patient that is not near you. It is kind of hard to do it, especially if you are a beginner, and even if you are not. But if you exercise it, you can do it. I'm trying to get better at this therapy.

5.Prana Therapy/Pranic Therapy:

The Healers gets his power from an universal source, which in my case is a God/Goddess, depends. When I usually practice it, I invoke Amaterasu. And then, by physical contact, I deliver the energy to the patient and I work with it in order to improve and put on tracks everything in my patient's organism.

I hope you enjoyed my article, and also that I "opened" your appetite for healing. If you are interested in one of them, document yourself more, and keep in mind: "A true healers heals not only the body, but the mind and soul as well". This is one of Zalmoxes beliefs( the quote is not his), an ancient God who was known for his capability of healing:)

Have a nice day!

Article by Green Love

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