To call a dead loved one or relative and be the family spirit

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It's to summon a dead loved ones spirit, or a relatives spirit.

For this ritual you will need to be at the grave of the loved one. This has to be done at night. You need a bowl of animal blood (preferably a goats blood) deer blood will work to. A red, black, white, and green. Also have fresh meat for a sacrifice to the god of the dead. Now here's the ritual: Light the four candles. Put them at the four ends of the grave. On the grave put the bowl of goat or deer blood in the middle.

Meditate for a few minutes.

Say: lord hades I ask thee to being my relatives spirit here

Sit there for a few minutes. If you feel you are being watched or listened to say: I ask of thee for the soul to be, my ex. Grandma I ask of thee to send the soul of (name of the relative).

Now if you feel a presence then it's worked! You are not done yet though.

Ask the relatives shade (spirit) to take the offering. After they have, they will ask you what you have called them for. Ask them to become the family lare (ancestral spirit).

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