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We all have an element we feel connected with or we like, want help well duhhh! of course you do, here is how to find your element !

you need 4 basic things: a leaf or two, a candle that's lit, water running from the tap in you bathroom, and you need a a tree outside!!!!



cast a circle

then say this 1x only 1!!!!

fire: fire fire, unto me, please let me see if you are the right element for me! if you are your flame will flicker and turn bluish and orange just like when fairies are here, this will be. (then light the candle and see if it turns orange but has a hint of blue0

earth: earth earth, bound with me and help me learn if your the element for me, if I can can make the leaf warm or move inside then I know your mine ( get a leaf)

air: air air, come unto me and make me learn if your my baby element that's right for me, if I wave my hand in a twirl 2x and you twinkle or blow your leaves I know your right for me ( stretch your hand out and twinkle or move your hand in a cirle while wiggling your fingers)

water: water water unto me, make me learn if your my complete item for me, if I stick my hand and think cold when the water is in the middle and it turns cold I will know your mine! (put your tap in the middle not hot/cold just the middle think cold or warm and think if it turns that then well duhh!)

you can have 2 elements most ppl only have one, I have 3 and I can kinda control the 4th one, once you learn this work on all spells on that elememt!!!!!!

rate this please!!!!!!

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