Accept Your Own Insignificance

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If you strive for greatness, you must first accept your own impotence, then strive to defeat it.

Within the magical community it is exceedingly popular to claim to be something, or someone that you are not. Whether it be a god/deity, a demon, a vampire, a werewolf, an angel, a reincarnation of some famous caster such as Merlin, an avatar, a Djinn, or what have you, the list goes ever on. Well, you need to understand that you, nor anybody else on this site, is any of those things, nor any other creature of fancy they may tell you they are, or you've convinced yourself you are. In regards to individuals claiming to be particularly powerful witches, wizards, warlocks, shamans, druids, casters of any sort or the other: There is a great likelihood that the individual is not. There are no genetic predispositions to magick; Anyone saying anything along the lines of "I come from a long line of witches, so I was doing magick at four." Is not being entirely honest. While they may come from a long line of witches, they still have to learn everything the same way everyone else does. There are no four year olds with the mental faculties to practice magick. And hardly any fourteen year olds with the focus to, for that matter. There are no powerful teen casters. Accept that your seventeen year old buddy claiming he or she can hurl fire balls and summon demons is just inflating their own ego, trying to escape themselves by creating a persona of a great and powerful them via the interwebs. Let's get to that, shall we? You may not have the best life, or be the most popular kid in school, or whatever it is that makes you want to exaggerate your own magical prowess; but if you ever wish to actually do anything at all with magick, you'll have to abandon your fantasies of magick and replace them with goals. Nothing in life comes easily. If you desire to be a powerful caster then you'll have to spend years chasing that goal. Everyone was a novice at some point, there's no shame in it. Claiming to be more than a novice when you've never even cast a spell that worked? That's shameful. Accept your weakness so that you may turn it into greatness through years of practice and work.

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