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I have put together a small article on basic magick, what it is to me. Magick in simplest form, but can be powerful.

Think back to when Native Americans roamed the land. Did they have access to every tool we do? No. They did not make giant circles of candles, they did not have black mirrors, or many other tools we use for magick today. But their magick was still very effective.

They used the world around them. They established connections with nature and got help from it. This is how they did magick.

Place your hand on a rock, or a tree, or the ground. Feel what it feels. Feel the vibrations as if you are the ground. Feel your body stretch a great distance. Be the Earth. You are the Earth. You have the power to make something true. What Do you want to be true? Do you want more money, love, what? Tell yourself its is true. Use your power and will to make it true.

Do this exercise regularly to establish a connection. Maybe you can even establish a strong enough connection, that you don't even have to do the exercise anymore, you can just do it in your mind. This is simple and short. Please mail me questions. Blessed be :)

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