How to create a Human/Dragon

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This is my first spell so please don't over do anything

First you need a nice quiet place to gather the ingredients

1. Something dragon related ( can just be in thought or is part of a dragon if possible)

2. A human part ( blood is recommended not to much though)

3. Ashes

Here comes the spell part if you mess up ounce you can't do it again

First draw a chalk circle to put the ingredients and say the spell

Step two pour the ashes in the circle not one piece can go out of the circle

Step three drop the dragon related item in the center

Step four (recommend) make a cut through you're palm and let some drops fall on the ashes

Step five say this out loud I wish to break the laws of man and beast and create my own being! He/she will be not only human but a mighty dragon. He/she shall walk among, act, and talk like a human but can enter his/her true form at any time. I swear to guard this being to my dying breath to keep him/her safe from those who might wish to hurt him/her.

Then burn the blood and dragon item and wait a while.

If this works please tell me.

P.s. And yes you can be more than friends with them and other stuff but don't blame me if something goes wrong.

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