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For those who are confused about the ranking system. This is a very common but asked really frequently..So I am going to post this in the Articles.

What is the Ranking System?

The "Ranking System" is a system placed by Petrarca. This is the ranks you get when a Knowledgeable or Adept rank you, here are the ranks you can possibly get; Fluff, Beginner, Novice, Knowledgeable, and Adept.

Fluff- Not understanding anything about magick. Also claiming impossible feats such as; Being a Mermaid, Being a Vampire, Being a Werewolf..ect.

Beginner- Knows a little bit about magick, studied and asked questions about magick and or a certain topic.

Novice- Know a lot about his or her cult and the history behind it, and starting to reach out (if already haven't) to learn all the other cults.

Knowledgeable- Can answer pretty much any question and help in many ways.

Adept- Has been around for a very long time and have a lot of knowledge on all subjects. They are able to help members and direct them.

How can I get a rank?

Showing knowledge on the forums and live chat will totally help. Learning and sharing your experiences. Now not just any rank can rank, only the Knowledgeables and Adepts may rank others. Now don't get impatient, you will be ranked in time. Never ask for a rank, just keep posting (making sure not spam) your knowledge.

Now here is the ranking system for this site;

Fluff+Beginner= Fluff

Fluff+Fluff= Fluff

Beginner+Novice= Beginner

Now in order to become a knowledgeable or adept you must get 2 people that are knowledgeable or adept to vote on you. Otherwise the farthest you will get is Novice.

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