Casting a Circle

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Okay "Casting a Circle" is talked to be one of the major things in magick or spell casting. It really isn't, it's recommended because it can help keep unwanted things out of your space. Now "Casting a Circle" is sort of enforcing your personal bubble to bounce things you don't want out.

Casting a Circle is harder then it seems, but in my experience it's affective.

Now when Casting a Circle you want to make sure you have everything you need inside the location of the circle, before you cast it. This is because if you don't you can/will disrupt the circle. Now here are the steps in preparing the circle;

  • Making sure that all supplise/material are inside the location of the circle.
  • Now to me personally it doesn't matter were you start but remember to start with the right direction; meaning North, South, East, and or West.
  • Now close your eyes and feel the energy come alive inside you.
  • Now take your powerhand (writing hand) and point with your index finger, now the circle can be as big as you want.
  • Imagine your energy shooting from your index finger to the floor, and then go in a clockwise formation (go right) and complete the circle.

To-Dah now you have create a circle, you can add a spell or chant in there at every conner meaning at every North, South, East, and West.

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