The History of Magick

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There has always existed a fascination with the riddle of life and death, and Magick.
For many years Magick has been frowned upon by scholars deeming it unworthy of scientific study
and a deterrant of the social order.
This misconception is no longer valid,
even amongst the truly learned,
who now recognize Magick as an integral part to the understanding of Man's social, mental,
and spiritual progression.
Tracing back to Cro-Magnum Man it is evident that both religion and Magick were prominent in everyday life.
This evidence is supported by the existence of the
cave paintings depicting Man's desire for a
successful, productive hunt.
It is believed that these paintings stand as example of Man's visualization and determination to manifest his desires into a reality through the power of his drawings and the faith he instilled within them and himself.
Among the many historical findings of such evidence,
discoveries have been documentated at such infamous locations as the caves found in Ancient Crete, India, China and especially Egypt.
These findings go back as far as the Mousterian period,
dated at aproximately 40,000 b.c.
During Paleolithic times,
Man's deep concern for survival spurred his interest in ritual Magick ensuring his survival by use of his faith.
The use of caves in ritual Magick dates back to Prehistoric Man in the Old Stone age,
and can be considered as the earliest significant
Magickal practices of Homo Sapiens on record.
In later periods,
it is thought that these paintings were considered to be entrances to the netherworld.
From this history,
it is evident that Magick and religion were very much a part of man's early existence.
Both practices have been described as attempts to deal
with the supernatural.
Both are concerned with ritual,
and faith.
The difference being,
religion teaches to have faith in a god,
where Magick dictates to have faith within.
Many theories have been propounded on the origin of religion,
though none have been proven in cold hard facts.
One could say that in religion Nature conquers man,
whereas in Magick Man conquers Nature.
In Magick we see the highest manifestation of god in Man.
Thereby Man becomes the god within.
In primitive times as well as now,
Magick can be viewed as a form of self-discipline
that intently developes
the will of Man.
During any Magickal rite,
Man is clearly stating,
"I can, and I will".
The simple reason Magick has survived so long
and is slowly
overpowering the dogma of religion,
is completely logical.
Of the two,
Magick is the stronger.
Religion is but an off-shoot of Magick.
This is because it actually has no roots of it's own.
Thus it lacks true credibility and the endurance of the existence of Magick.
Magick has been proven to have been a part of life since the beginning of time,
this outdates religious factual findings.
Magick is undeniable,
hence it commands belief.
Magick is proven.
Hence it commands self worship.
In Magick Man encounters the transcendental,
As such he comes face to face with his inner god.

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