Healing Sounds

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Sounds that help in healing and better functioning of body.

Healing sounds

These sounds can help you during headache/stomach ache and menstrual pain

A practiced healer can use these terms or during meditation you can focus on these vowels

1. OOM - O for universal power, M for power

Chanting OOM makes you feel like you are not alone in pain, it helps you feel like a part of this world

2. EYE - It enhances red color in your aura, increases productivity and helps you in gaining sympathy from others, those who recite this a lot can feel a lot of empathy

3. EH - It enhances your water element, when one is suffering from any blood related weakness it enhances better flow of blood and reduces blockage

4. THA - It works on sympathetic nervous system

5. EHM - It is a very peaceful vowel, enhances healing, reduces pain and works on nervous system...

6. ER - It encourages brighter aura and helps dominant color to brighten up, it also increases positive vibes and positive feelings.

It is associated with Pancreas.

7. MEH - Works on blood, blood circulation and heart, very peaceful vowel, enhances solar plexus chakra.

8. THO - Mainly for 5th chakra that is thought chakra, it can also help in opening and balancing of top 3 chakras, mainly works on thyroid, its arousal and a person can stop lying.

9. KHEI - Related to emotions, it enhances lavender/pinkish/purple aura, works on third eye. Be careful though, you might end up crying after chanting, all blockage related to emotions can be reduced.

10. MA - feminine sound, to enhance fertility and nervous system.

11. RA - Masculine sound, increases nervous system functioning.

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