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Recently I've noticed an increase in the number of people who can't meditate or have trouble meditating,so I've made this to help.

Meditations a very simple procedure meant to calm and relax the mind.Nowadays due to the increase of technology,we tend to pile more things then we can handle into our heads,and it causes larger amounts of stress as we try to keep up with all of it. A simple way of relaxing is to simply imagine doing something they enjoy within their heads. For example activities such as building,carving,drawing,making puzzles or even arts and crafts help you get in touch with your creative side and help you wind your energy levels. By doing this you stress out less and you can focus more and a lot better. Even activities such as blowing bubbles or playing an instrument can help as well. Meditation is simply relaxing and finding the thing that makes you happiest in your own mind,much like finding your "happy place".

For anyone who has trouble with any of the above,try imagining a red spinning circle and try to make it spin fast and and change the color to orange then yellow. From yellow try to change it to green then to blue and from blue to purple. If you still are having difficulty imagine the red circle at the top of your head between your eyes (this is also known as the third eye) and move it to your neck as you make it spin and change the color. From your neck move it to the middle of your chest. Then to your stomach. Then from your stomach move it to the top of your hips and finally imagine it at your pelvic bone. This should help your body relax enough for you to have cleared your energy. If you still have trouble meditating any more please don't hesitate to ask for help.

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