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Before you resume (or begin) your work in Magick and Witchcraft, it is important for you to have goals. Without goals, it is very easy to get off the path and never experience your full power when working with Magick energies.

The goals have been split into 3 levels. You don't have to complete the levels in order, and can work on many different goals at the same time (all on different levels).

Every one of these goals that you complete will increase your power when working with magick spells.

As you complete them, check them off so you know they are accomplished.


  • To be able to know and accept the basic Laws and tenets of the witchcraft path.
  • To be able to sincerely dedicated to my chosen path in harmony and in balance with nature, with beings of this plane and others, and with all that is around us with full awareness and acceptance of the responsibilities that entails.
  • Successfully cast 1 basic "love spell" to open the path for in your life or someone else. (If you already have love, you can cast one to reinforce the bond between you, or cast one for the love of a friend)
  • To be able to ground myself and call and hold my personal power, connect to the essence within ritual in a balanced way, and quiet my mind to focus.
  • Successfully cast 1 basic "money spell" or "success spell".
  • To be able to enter the altered state of higher awareness needed for working in magick.
  • To be able to feel, sense, and connect to the power flows around me and channel it for magickal purposes.
  • Successfully cast 1 basic "protection spell" to protect yourself, your loved ones, or even your home.
  • To be familiar with the Elements and other basic principles involved with working magick, and can tap into those energies for simple magickal tasks.
  • To develop and know how to cast (by heart) a circle for different purposes.
  • To know by heart how to call in the Elements, the Watchtowers, or whatever protective Guardians i use.
  • To know my daily devotions by heart.
  • To be able to raise and send energy in ritual.
  • To keep an on-going magickal journal for a full year.
  • To be able to identify if a magick circle has been cast by someone else.
  • To initiate myself in my path and follow the vows of my initiation.


  • To be able to set sacred space, cast a circle, call in the quarters, and set myself into my ritual space without having to look it up.
  • To collect and have available to me all the tools i feel the need to use for ritual.
  • Successfully cast 1 intermediate "love spell"
  • To be able to write and perform my own new moon ritual
  • To be able to write and perform my own full moon ritual
  • Successfully cast 1 intermediate "money spell" or "success spell"
  • To be able to Draw Down The Moon Ritual, God, or Goddess for ritual
  • To complete at least ten hours of community service
  • To complete a dedication ritual
  • Successfully cast 1 intermediate "protection spell".
  • To keep a magickal journal for a full year
  • To make and fill an inventory list of supplies needed for my work
  • To pick a branch of my path where i would like to specialize
  • To investigate the law of my state and how they may or may not apply to my religion
  • To investigate and learn more fully the history of my path
  • To write three devotionals that i can incorporate into my path when applicable


  • To live my life with random acts of kindness and service to others.
  • To become more proficient at a method of divination and apply it in the service of counseling others.
  • To design a method of how i would teach my craft to others who ask me to pass on my knowledge.
  • Successfully cast 1 advanced "love spell"
  • To celebrate all holidays in manner appropriate to my path
  • To write at least one "crossing over" ceremony for a soul in need.
  • Successfully cast 1 advanced "Money spell" or "Success spell"
  • To write and perform my own rituals for each and every one of the sabbats.
  • To write at least 5 meditations for use in my devotionals
  • To find and connect with my totem animal or spirit and learn to work with them in ritual
  • successfully cast 1 advanced "protection spell"
  • To record at least twenty spells that i have performed with step-by-step instructions, lunar and astrological correspondences etc
  • To keep my temper in the face of negativity from others
  • To perform at least thirty full rituals
  • To reflect and put into words why I'm feel i am capable of honoring the title of a spiritual leader in my religion
  • To be able to cast a magick circle on the fly without tools

Don't be overwhelmed by them. And don't think you wont be able to cast successful spells without completing them. You have the power to do magick at this very moment.

These goals are simply there to keep you motivated, and to increase the power of your magick. There is no specific "time" where they must all be completed. However, it is always important to have at least one or two that you are working towards.

The above mentioned are my examples. Remember, different coven acquires different calling.

Brightest Blessings.

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