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my beliefs on magick

MOTHER and FATHER GOD created everything we are all of their children a loveing family and their power resides in all things our home is nature it is all reality and in nature all ways exist second to the creaters the powers that be their children our ancestors the gods and goddesses who we came to worship as deities the blood of the first mother and father flows through our veins we posses their power to effect reality with our thought energy emotion and will the keys to personal power that and practise patients and persistenc we are all a power that be a deity in training knowedge is a power it is what we came to know as magick the ways of nature and all ways exist therin a cure exist for every harm and where there is will there is a way the gift of magick can be given by them it can be taught and learned by all as the powers that be they can allow or deny an act of magick from manifesting they can heal us harm us grant us power and even take it away they rule reality guide and teach us and the powers that be work in mysterious ways so know the watchers are always watching guideing our destinies there is a time for everything and a place for everything i hope this helped blessed be

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