Elemental Rite of Gestures

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This ritual can be done with your body, as well as in your head. Partial rites are not uncommon.

After clearing your personal space of all outside energy, and a moment of calm breaths, stand with your feet shoulder length apart. Bend your knees slightly, and raise your hands so your elbows are creating a crescent shape when you look down. Face your palms outward and spread your fingers like you are easily/comfortably holding up a wall in front of you. This is the first element, Air.

Feel communication, understanding, divine forces. Bask in this feeling for a moment or two. Now, facing a new cardinal direction, (the choice is yours. A simple quarter-turn right or left will do fine), straighten your arms and legs. Close your spread fingers, and place your palms facing down as if placed on a table about as high as your waist. This is earth, feel confidence, foundation, protection. Meditate in this.

Next, raise your hands high above your head. Make two gently closed fists. Feel the might of creation and destruction, warmth, the power of vibration. This is fire.

Finally, relax your shoulders and cup your hands together to form a bowl. It should rest parallel to the center of your rib cage, about 6-12" from your chest. Feel healing energy, love, compassion. This is water.

Now, facing forward once more, lie down and contemplate these four energies, realize their universal link known as spirit. Know that spiritual energy is divine. Now would be the time to call the attention of a deity, if you wish. Or you may simply bathe in the divine energy now amassed all around you. This rite can be used many ways, but remember, if you are using this energy for a purpose other than spell work, ground it all when you are done.

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