How to Observe Other People's Auras

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Begin to feel the flow of energy by sitting across from someone with your palms touching. Visualize energy running through your hands and into your partner's. Try to detect which way it is going. Practice forcing the energy out, sucking it back, holding it still and sending it out with one hand while the other receives it back.

Practice building energy. Hold your hands 2 to 5 inches apart and begin to move them closer then further apart. Imagine that you are creating energy and building it up between your hands. If you sense the energy, try to describe what it feels like.

See your energy field. Go to a dimly lit room and sit in front of a plain white wall. Raise the palms of your hands so the tips of your fingers point to each other. Relax your eyes as you look at the space between your fingers. You should see light bands of energy pulsing between your fingers.

Observe a friend. Stay in your darkened room and have a friend sit in front of the white wall. Ideally, they should be in a comfortable meditative position sitting with their back straight. Relax your eyes as you look around their head and body. You should see a light layer of energy outlining their entire body.

Look around you. Take a few moments in church, grocery lines or any place where people are in mass and try to see their energy fields (auras). Practice looking past the person taking care not to stare too intently. Otherwise, the aura will vanish leaving you staring like a nut.

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