Altar Cleansing and Dedication

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A good time for cleansing and dedication of an altar or shrine is in January or February.

Supplies: bell, goddess candle, god candle, dedication candle (white for new beginnings), feather, cup of water, bowl of soil or sand, and sage or sandalwood incense.

In preparation for this event, take a cleansing ritual bath or smudge yourself with sage.

You may or may not cast a circle, whichever you prefer.

Ring the bell to signal the start of the ritual. Light incense.

As you recite the following, light the goddess candle.

"With the help of Goddess now, an altar here I so avow."

As you recite the following, light the god candle.

"With the help of God so strong, an altar here will soon belong.

God and Goddess they do see, an altar here soon to be."

As you recite the following, wave a feather over the altar.

"With the help of breezes soft, spirit of Air and East aloft."

As you recite the following, light the dedication candle.

"With the help of warmth and light, spirit of Fire and South be bright."

As you recite the following, sprinkle the area with water.

"With the help of liquid clear, spirit of West and water here."

As you recite the following, sprinkle the area with soil.

"With sun-warmed soil to help things grow, spirit of earth and North do show."

"I cleanse this space of things that were, space now to be here where spirit will stir. I dedicate to elements all, this space as altar I do call. This altar cleansed and new to me, let love and magic both to be. As I say, so shall it be."

Ring the bell to signal the end of the ritual.

If performing and cleansing of tools or spells, perform them BEFORE ringing the bell.

If you cast a circle for this ritual, remember to close it.

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