Ritual of the Blade

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This is a ritual I created for the purpose of concecrating my blade.

As I sweep this circle, may it be cleared of negative and chaotic energies that it be prepared for my work

Stand facing the North and say;

I call upon you element earth from you this blade came raw, come witness this rite and guard this circle

Stand facing the East and say;

I call upon you element Air the fed the fire of the forge, come witness this rite and guard this circle

Stand facing the south and say;

I call upon you element fire that shaped this blade, come witness this rite and guard this circle

Stand facing the west and say;

I call you element water that cooled the blade and called it whole, come witness this rite and guard this circle.

Take up your blade and hold it facing downwards as a salute to the gods and say;

This blade I call my own it is an extension of my self and my power, I make sacred this blade and call it an instrument of the Loa.

Ogun, rich laden, is his home yet decked in palm fronds, he ventures forth. Refuge of the downtrodden, to rescue slaves he unleashed the jugment of war. Because of the blind plunge into the the forest of the curative herbs, bountiful one who stand bullwark offsprings of the dead in heaven. Salutations O Lone being who bathes in the rivers of blood.

Oh Ogun,

I ask of you to bless this blade in your honor. That I may make use of its power through interssesion of the Loa.

Stand then visualizing the energy of the blade as a extension of yourself that it is part of you and you are part of it.

Close your circle by closing the quarters, and thanking everyone in attendance. ~Tankgrrl~

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