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Reading objects by touch Link: Submitted by Davorus

Hello everyone, I saw the post in the forum about this and see bits and pieces for everywhere, as already cited I have found a site that deals in what is it, how does it work and try it yourself. This is just a quick summary of what the site is about, I really recommend you go to the original source of this information.


Reading objects by touch: The psychic has a variety of ways to receive information, Tarot, crystal balls and auras for example. But some are drawn to certain methods that work better for them,

What is it

It is a combination of normal psychic awareness plus the ability to read the energy patterns that we all leave on the objects around us.

How does it Work

Whenever we handle an object we are laying down information about ourselves on that object. It?s important to remember that more than one person may have handled an object,

Try Psychometry Yourself

You can try Psychometry for yourself by asking a friend for an object, a watch, a ring, cigarette lighter, wallet etc. But something they are in regular contact with can make it easier. Try to find somewhere quiet and peaceful if possible. Place the object in the palm of your hand, and place your other hand on top. Explain to your friend what you are about to try and also ask their permission.



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